Humint Events Online: Two Cops Shot at At Ferguson Protest

Friday, March 13, 2015

Two Cops Shot at At Ferguson Protest

Of course, this shooting increases tensions between cops and the protestors for change.

It's weird that the shots hit two cops so precisely and came from a distance.

The common conspiracy theory I've seen so far is that the shooting was engineered by Obama to further inflame the race war.  I just don't buy that but I can't rule it out.

For me, it's suspicious timing given that even conservatives were starting to think the Ferguson cops went too far. But now, of course that trend will be reversed, given the inclination of conservatives to side with cops and denounce black protestors.

And my guess is that was the point of the shooting. To take the heat off the cops.

Interesting that "Oathkeepers" had men with guns set up on rooftops around Ferguson...


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