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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Aren't More People Talking About the TV Show "Scandal"?

So I recently started watching the ABC TV show "Scandal" on Netflix.

I've heard a lot about various political shows, such as "House of Cards"and "Homeland", but not as much about "Scandal".

However, it's a pretty incredible show-- a very intense conspiracy-laden political drama about our modern American system.

The amazing thing is how many conspiracy themes there are in the show, and how many apparent insights are given into the brutality and ugliness of American politics.

Here are some of the key subjects that are explored in this show:

1) CIA evil freaks controlling and competing with the president (specifically the CIA subgroup "B613")
2) CIA evil freaks torturing people and killing them (in the US)
3) CIA evil freaks running black-ops (shooting down planes, infiltrating al Qaeda)
4) CIA evil freaks controlling their own people by torture and imprisonment
5) CIA evil freaks enjoying torture and killing
6) Pentagon secret torture-- waterboarding, beating
7) endless cyber-spying and hacking
8) COMPUTERIZED VOTE HACKING OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION (GOP candidate who wins a few key counties in Ohio to win the election-- sound familiar?)
9) the endless lies and manipulations and deceptions that politicians must engage in
10) the psychological trauma that happens to the liars and torturers
11) sexual blackmail-- hetero and homo

I suspect there are some serious truths in this show, that are being clearly broadcast, but also kept somewhat on the lowdown.


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