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Friday, August 28, 2015

A Lovely Blend of Truth, Lies and Disinfo

Dr. Steven Greer : Earth is under Quarantine

In this video clip, Greer talks about how all the aliens are good, and that man is bad, and that we are held under planetary quarantine by the aliens because they don't want us out terrorizing other planets in the universe. On the surface, if we believe in extra-terrestrials being here, that is plausible and I actually think the idea of an alien quarantine around earth is an interesting hypothesis with some merit. But one obvious hole in his argument is in the same video he talks about us going to the moon and Neil Armstrong encountering aliens (they were just over in the next crater-- eyeroll). If so, what happened to the quarantine? And also, obviously the moon landings were a hoax.

Personally, I like the hypothesis of evil aliens being here on earth, existing with us, and causing many of our problems. It's also quite possible that these same evil aliens had some hand in our later evolution-- genetic manipulation to create humans. This is A.P.'s theory, of course.

Certainly if there were only good aliens out there watching us, it's not really clear why they haven't done more to help us learn to be good.

Clearly, it's all speculative all the way around, but the evil alien creators who are held on earth under quarantine hypothesis has more explanatory power for me than Greer idea. And Greer is a serious flake, at minimum, if he's not a complete fraud or brainwashed or mentally unbalanced/delusional.

Just thinking Steven Greer is not unlike Judy Wood. Someone who started out more or less on the right track, then just went into lala land, and is completely unreliable now.


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