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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders Gives a History Lesson

...What that was about was saying that the United States was wrong to try to invade Cuba, that the United States was wrong trying to support people to overthrow the Nicaraguan government, that the United States was wrong trying to overthrow in 1954, the government—democratically elected government of Guatemala. Throughout the history of our relationship with Latin America we've operated under the so-called Monroe Doctrine, and that said the United States had the right do anything that they wanted to do in Latin America. So I actually went to Nicaragua and I very shortly opposed the Reagan administration's efforts to overthrow that government. And I strongly opposed earlier Henry Kissinger and the—to overthrow the government of Salvador Allende in Chile. I think the United States should be working with governments around the world, not get involved in regime change. And all of these actions, by the way, in Latin America, brought forth a lot of very strong anti-American sentiments. That's what that was about.

The fact is, the US has a horrific history of regime change around the world, particularly in Latin America, but also obviously in the Middle East and in Indochina. We have instigated just a massive amount of death and destruction where we have intervened. Just a few examples are listed in the linked post.

I applaud Sanders for opposing regime change as a US policy of choice.

I applaud Sanders for raising these points in the national debates with Hillary Clinton, a politician who LOVES regime change, and who is part of the sick Washington DC consensus and power elite. Enough is enough of their crap.

Even if he doesn't win the presidency, Sanders is on the proper side of history and humanity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanders lost the race with his "I don't care about your damn emails".

He has further sunk by his "noble" gesture of coddling Hillary's debate filibustering and failing to vocalize some of the most corrupt aspects of the Clintons, thus leaving her ignorant supporters totally unaware of how she and Bill have screwed minorities and promoted the interests of their fellow one-percenters at the expense of the rest of us all.

Bernie has set back Progressive politics - perhaps irretrievably.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump isn't afraid of Hillary, but if women and minorities go the polls, she'll be elected and allowed to have a Honeymoon before she's impeached.

4:45 PM  

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