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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Trump, the Conspiracy Theorist

A partial list of what he has promoted:
1) Obama: Birtherism
2) Obama: Bill Ayers Wrote ‘Dreams From My Father’
3) Obama: Hawaii Official Was Murdered In Birth Certificate Cover-up
4) Obama Was ‘Born Barry Soetero’
5) Obama Never Attended Columbia
6) Obama May Start A War To Win Re-election
7) Obama Is Persecuting Me
8) Obama Will Target Conservative Websites
9) Obama Doesn’t Want To Fight Terrorism
10) Obama Wears An Arabic Ring
11) Obama Is Aiding ISIS
12) Obama Is A Muslim
13) Was Scalia Murdered?
14) Was Vince Foster Murdered?
15) Was Rafael Cruz Involved In The JFK Assassination?
16) 9/11 Attackers Had Girlfriends Who Fled To Saudi Arabia
17) Thousands Of Muslim-Americans In New Jersey Celebrated On 9/11
18) 100 Percent Of Mosques Preach Hate
19) Around One-Third Of Muslims Would Wage War Against America
20) Philippines Massacre
21) ISIS Tried To Attack Me
22) Syrian Refugees Are Mostly Young Men
23) Syrian Refugees Bill ISIS For Their Phones
24) Syrian Refugees Aren’t Vetted
25) Syrian Refugees Only Sent To GOP-led States
26) Syrian Refugees In U.S. To Number 250,000
27) Syrian Refugees Are Part Of Evil Plot
28) U.S. Importing Terrorists
29) Christians Can’t Come Into America
30) ‘They’ve Shut Christianity Down’
31) No ‘Lobby’ For Christians
32) Christmas Has Disappeared
33) I Am Being Persecuted For Being A ‘Strong Christian,’ Maybe
34) Obama Wants To Take The Guns
35) Hillary Wants To Take The Guns
36) Hillary Wants To Release Violent Criminals From Jail
37) Fake, Racist Crime Statistics
38) Oakland And Ferguson Among The Most Dangerous Cities In The World
39) Immigrants Are Mostly Criminals And Rapists
40) Mexico Deliberately Sends Criminals To The U.S.
41) U.S. Government Funds Unlawful Immigration
42) True Immigration Numbers Are Being Suppressed
43) Obama Manipulated Immigration Numbers
44) Border Patrol Letting Terrorists In
45) Immigrants With Ebola Crossing Into America
46) CDC Lying About Ebola
47) Vaccines Cause Autism
48) Climate Change Hoax
49) Voter Fraud Myth
50) Obama Won With Voter Fraud
51) Obama Lying About Health Insurance Figures
52) Obama Made A Deal With Saudi Arabia To Win Re-election
53) Fox News Doing Saudi Arabia’s Bidding
54) The Washington Post Is Out To Get Trump
55) Cover-up Of 42 Percent Unemployment Rate
56) Benghazi
57) Whitewater
58) Rubio And Cruz Eligibility

Most are completely ridiculous, the usual right-wing paranoid, Christian, nativist crap. The rest have a grain of truth, are disinfo covering up something worse, are badly phrased or completely over-blown.

But the worst part, is there is nothing about true, deep conspiracies, such as the real story on 9/11, JFK ass'n, ETs, electronic vote theft, the deep state, the CIA, Wall St scams, etc.

It's all just dumb, misdirection shit regurgitated by a doofus.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

trump the conspiracy theorist.

hillary the israeli first war monger.

sanders the israeli first jew.

i choose trump.

12:25 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

choose him for what?

8:29 AM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

for the next anointed one.

9:14 AM  

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