Humint Events Online: Whole World Gone Mad, 2016 Edition

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Whole World Gone Mad, 2016 Edition

The GOP nominee for president, lying, racist, conman, philanderer Donald Trump, picks prudish religious zealot Mike Pence for his VP candidate.  The GOP will try to normalize Trump and all this at their upcoming convention.

Meanwhile, the GOP party platform is filled with puritanical religious policies and other general madness.

Bernie Sanders stops his campaign and endorses Hillary Clinton; many Sanders supporters can't accept it.  Sanders ignores evidence of electronic vote fraud giving Clinton the edge in the primary.

Cops are being shot at and killed in the US, most recently in Baton Rouge. Possibility of larger race war seems to be increasing. Republicans naturally inflame anti-black sentiment. Cops continue to be fascist assholes. See here and here, just as a couple examples.

More trains carrying fracking oil and gas explode, causing untold more environmental destruction. Planet Earth continues to heat up, every month becomes new hottest on record.

The famous 28 pages of the 911 Congressional report, strongly implicating Saudi Arabia in the attacks, is released after 14 years.

A large freight truck is used as a weapon of mass destruction to kill over 80 people in Nice, France, by a Muslim lunatic.

"Islamic" terrorists even attacking at holy sites in Saudi Arabia. 

The whole Islamic world is in turmoil, largely due to Western wars and meddling.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

""Bernie Sanders stops his campaign and endorses Hillary Clinton""

it's all just a big charade - sanders was never meant to be anything more than a decoy. remember ross perot? same bullshit. the only way hillary can win is to put a buffoon like trump as her opponent.
there is no real GOP or DNC - there is only PTB.

2:22 AM  

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