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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Here's a Nice, Cheerful Recreation of Nuclear Armageddon

Speaking of which, "Who's Really in Charge of the United States Government?"
McMaster’s Sunday statement continues a pattern whereby the president says something outrageous—and is then seemingly over-ruled by the general who heads the National Security Council, the ex-general who heads the Department of Homeland Security, or the ex-general who heads the Department of Defense. Through the first two months of this administration, we saw this pattern play out with regard to NATO, Russia’s pro-Trump interference in the presidential election, immigration policy, and many other areas. Under the traditional American system, the president is supposedly supreme over his appointees, especially his uniformed appointees. It’s ominous if this president’s policy ignorance and blurted provocations invite his generals to set themselves up as his keepers.
So, seems to be the military-national security complex.

Which, may be comforting somewhat, considering how awful, simply awful, Trump is.

Anyway, if we don't kill ourselves with nukes, we are surely killing the oceans by over-fishing and pollution and climate change.

And Trump's climate change denial is surely a major catastrophe under the present circumstances.

 He's an environmental terrorist, pure and simple.


Blogger the mighty wak said...

how come for years the concern was "global warming", then when everyone realized the earth is not warming, it suddenly switched to "climate change".
sure the climate is changing, it has been changing since the earth was formed.
mankind is surely fucking up the environment, especially with nukes.
don't worry about the earth, when mother-nature has had enough of humans then the earth will surely shake us off like so much fleas on a dog.

3:23 PM  

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