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Monday, May 29, 2017

Perilous Times for Our Nation, for Our Democracy

People are going to lose faith in our system on all sides. On the Trump-supporting right, they’re going to see his removal from office as essentially a coup engineered by the Deep State, media, globalists, Obama stay-behinds, and weak Republicans who won’t fight. On the left, the continuing inability to win political power commensurate with their numbers will eventually cause more and more to seek remedies outside of any kind of civil process based on law and precedent.
This is all a recipe for a breakdown in order and for our systems for political accountability and the peaceful transfer of power. We’re already far enough along this road that a lot of people are beginning to conclude that the system is broken not only beyond repair but beyond having any moral claim to deserve repair. Maybe it’s better to work to accelerate its demise than to try to shore up an edifice that is beyond hope. Perhaps the most corrosive aspect of this is when it is applied not to the media or our elites but to the people themselves. Once you lose faith in the quality of our people, pretty much everything else collapses. We can perhaps devise new systems, but any system that isn’t premised on the will of the people won’t be a system worth having.

There's more, and a lot of really good comments to the piece, definitely a lot of different opinions.

I am not completely pessimistic, but I am worried. The GOP is NOT holding Trump accountable to very serious and egregious crimes. This is destabilizing enough, without the absolutely horrible policies they are pursuing.


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