Humint Events Online: The Abominable, Evil Trump Presidency Continues

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Abominable, Evil Trump Presidency Continues

He is still a complete idiot and ignoramus, who can barely talk in coherent sentences. It's quite shocking for any sentient being, that this man is the "most powerful person in the world".

He is still a traitor with his inexplicable actions towards Putin, and the clear collusion of his campaign with Russia in the election.

His policies are still horrible, cruel, sick right-wing policies that will not help the people who elected him. In particular, he is appallingly ignorant on how health insurance works and how bad the GOP healthcare plan is.

His "voter integrity project" is a transparent scam to suppress minority votes, and is led by the racist Kris Kobach.

He has incredibly shady ties to the Russian mob and oligarchs, which no doubt tie into the whole collusion with Russia during the campaign.

Finally, the active denial of climate change by his administration deeply threatens the future of humans on earth.

His policies are all truly evil, he is shitting on the country.  But to be fair, Trump is a reflection of the standard Republican line on all these issues.

The GOP and their support of the greedy conservative oligarchy is the major political problem the US faces, and is a major threat to the planet.


Blogger nickname said...

Trump will only get in trouble with the GOP if he ABANDONS their goals.

5:07 PM  

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