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Monday, October 09, 2017

What I'm Thinking About Lately...

Donald Trump is still a completely despicable asshole-- and to quote Sec. of State Tillerson, Trump is also "a fucking moron".

The sooner Trump is removed from office, the better for everyone. He is not going to change.

The only positive thing about Trump is he's too damn stupid to do anything super nefarious, like a major covert operation or to use the full powers of the government to enact his will.

However, he could still easily start a nuclear war or a very costly conventional war with North Korea.


Nazis and white supremacists are terrible and evil, and they are resurgent because Trump himself is clearly a white supremacist.


I have no patience for gun massacre conspiracies anymore. First, there are just too many of them, there's clearly some terrible pathology in our culture that causes this, and not the big bad "gubmint" set on taking away our guns. Second, the worst of the idiot conspiracy-minded Republicans are in complete charge of the government, and if they can't bust apart the conspiracies that run big gun massacres or stop them form happening, then they are hypocritical assholes and fucking useless. Show the complete evidence Sandy Hook was a hoax or GTFO.


Global warming/Climate change/Climate disruption is almost certainly worse than most scientists want to admit, and getting worse. The ghoulish idiot Republicans are actually pressing the gas pedal to the floor as we race to complete climate disaster.


I been thinking a lot about intelligent entities that are able to exist only in the electromagnetic spectrum. If our species continues to make technological progress (and doesn't make the planet unlivable), two things are very likely:
1) we will have very advanced artificial (digital-computerized) intelligence
2) we will be able to move our own consciousness into the digital-computerized realm.

Thus two types of digital-computerized intelligence will exist that can be transferred into the electromagnetic spectrum.

The big question is-- are there far more advanced civilizations that have already done this, elsewhere in the universe? It seems very likely.

So we could have extra-terrestrial intelligence -- even individual entities -- that exist in the electromagnetic spectrum, that could be sent to earth at the speed of light.

Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence on the Electromagnetic Spectrum = "ETIES"

I wonder if such beings could then infect us or merge into our consciousness-- they could conceivably do all sort of things to us. Specifically they could do good things like give human beings ideas for technology, or if these ETIES are evil, they could promote psychotic behavior.

Jay Weidner has talked a lot about evil entities called the "Archons" over the years. I never knew what to make of that idea exactly, but I'd say now I have some idea how such being could exist and inset themselves into humanity. How many conspiracies/evil events can be tied to ETIES?


Blogger the mighty wak said...

""even individual entities -- that exist in the electromagnetic spectrum, that could be sent to earth at the speed of light.""

the speed of light might seem very fast but is actually very slow when considering the great vastness of space between stars much less galaxies.
the only way to make space travel even remotely worth the effort is to somehow achieve speeds far beyond the speed of light.

4:01 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

true -- there must exist other faster ways of travel through space, such as portals

6:18 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

though time would be relatively meaningless to such entities...

6:18 PM  
Blogger the mighty wak said...

time might be meaningless to such entities, as in for them it might seem an instant to get here from there, but in their perception of 'instant' thousands of years might pass by here on earth, kind of making their journey from there to here redundant. maybe.

anyway that was an interesting post - way to go brother.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So in other words we throw out all the testimonial evidence of other shooters (overwhelming amount of original research at 10+ years-old Echoes of Columbine forum), the military / industrial / intelligence / police ties of virtually every spree killer, the overwhelming holes / changes in the state narratives and deaths of witnesses as well as other glaring trends? Gladio is alive and well in 2017. It's not about guns - it's about fear.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also suspect the shooters are being drawn from ultraright groups similar to the type armed / trained / supervised by Gladio - think more extreme splinters from within the Oath Keepers and similar local militia organizations. These groups are the successor to the Minutemen which had innumerable intelligence connections and were used in covert black operations. In any event, it's clear the massacre in Las Vegas involved more than one gunman and the evidence of this is overwhelming, including witness accounts as well as police and air traffic dispatch. Does the presumption of innocence truly end the moment a bullet passes through your head? What is the motive? Where is the video - at least of him bringing his considerable arsenal to the 32nd floor? Without a single witness identification, will they show us fingerprints on the gun? Gun residue on his hands? Why hasn't a single firearms instructor come forward about his training? Why doesn't anyone recall him being interested in guns? Did this man who worked for the USPS, IRS, Defense Contract Agency and Lockheed really obtain all his money through "gambling"? Are the untimely deaths of certain witnesses coincidence as well? How much will the gun, security and pharmaceutical lobbies benefit, as well as the police (whose budgets will expand), the defense contractors who supply them, and a government interested in fostering a climate of fear?

1:33 AM  

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