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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Advances in Interstellar Travel

The man interviewed here, Robert Schroeder explains a plausible physics-based theory for faster than speed of light travel. It is quite fascinating and exciting.

It's based on a double membrane view of the universe, involving gravitational particles that exist primarily in another dimension, which is consistent with modern physics theory.  The large Hadron Collider is trying to find evidence of the K-K particles he refers to in his theory.

He says one could make a light year trip in minutes.

What I like about this guy, besides his easy explanations of modern quantum physics, is that he basically accepts that UFO sightings are evidence of advanced ET species visiting us, which is my thinking too. Also, I should note his theory explains many of the phenomena associated with UFOs

What's really interesting to think about is, if this guy can come up with this theory and it works, first, we are really not that far off from having interstellar travel with our current technology.  But second, our human civilization is really still kind of a mess. So it does make you wonder about what kind of ET civilizations have been coming here to visit mankind (and messing with us), what state they are in back home. Maybe they are not as enlightened as we typically like to think. You could even imagine competing nations within one alien planet coming here and fucking with us. 
Schroeder also posits that there is some galactic federation that controls how ET species interact with us, and keep them from making themselves obviously known to us, so that we develop more or less on our own. That seems like wishful thinking to me, but it's certainly possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about the guy who painted portraits of his hot-pants 9' tall alien love girly with whom he fathered an alien love child? why should we have to invent FTL when we could simply beat the tech schematics out of them?

11:02 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Haha!!! True!

12:19 PM  

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