Humint Events Online: 10 Reasons To Think Trump Is a Pedophile

Sunday, December 09, 2018

10 Reasons To Think Trump Is a Pedophile

Is Donald Trump a pedophile?

There's more evidence for this than you might think:

1) he was good friends with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and used to hang out at his pedophilia mansion, rode on his "Lolita Express"

2) he was accused in a legal filing of raping a 13 year old at an Epstein party; the now grown woman never came forward due to death threats

3) he continually sexualized Ivanka, even when she was a baby, and publicly said he was sexually attracted to her when she was a teen. He had Ivanka work as a model at a modeling agency that used very young girls and there were rumors of the head of the agency Casablancas being a pedophile.

4) pedophilia is relatively common among rich, powerful people like Trump and is a way to show control and to exert blackmail.

5) It's a common conservative political tactic to accuse the other side of what you are guilty of, and Trump is well known to project his own flaws onto others, and of course Trump's campaign surrogates made a big push to accuse Hillary Clinton of Pedophilia in the 2016 campaign (Pizzagate and rumors of her going off with Epstein).

6) Vladimir Putin is thought to be a pedophile and Trump worships Putin.

7) Trump gave a cushy job to Florida prosecutor Alex Acosta, who helped cover up the Epstein sex ring that included Trump.

8) Trump is amoral and clearly used to flouting the law

9) Besides Epstein, Trump is friends with other accused pedophiles: Casablancas, Arif, Nader, Cohn, which is significant because Trump isn't really known for having a lot of friends

10) Trump defended pedophile Roy Moore and endorsed him for Senate.

-------- Interesting to also note that the GHWB White House was reported to have a pedophile ring (on the front page of the Washington Times)... and then the story disappeared.

 All these corrupt, abusive, sociopathic, pedophilic elites need to finally see justice.


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