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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The GOP End Game

Sarah Kendzior:
Most of Trump admin original cabinet is gone. 
Those who remain tend to share two traits: complicity in plot and nepotism ties. 
* Trump family: Donald, Ivanka, Jared * 
Relatives of the complicit: Chao (McConnell), DeVos (Prince) * 
Complicit in corrupt campaign: Mnuchin, Pence 
The makeup and shakeups of the Trump admin are typical of autocracies. 
Admin is packed with lackeys bound by family ties and/or shared guilt. Makes them easier to control. Players are moved frequently to create a power vacuum which the main players -- the family -- fills. 
Over time, the autocrat becomes more insular, and kin ties dominate. That's happening now. 
Where Trump differs from other autocrats is in his complete deference to foreigners. He can't be a fascist because he doesn't care about the state. The state is just something to sell. 
What you will see is a continuation of their original plan: strip the US down and sell it for parts. The Trump/Kushner family and foreign backers are main beneficiaries. 
The GOP has their own plan for a one-party state, using Trump as a vehicle to pack courts, rewrite laws.


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