Humint Events Online: Trump Is Losing His Mind More Rapidly-- Serious Senility This Past Week

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Trump Is Losing His Mind More Rapidly-- Serious Senility This Past Week

In the past week:

Trump talked about border walls that have multiple big doors and then complained about the doors not being installed and then said the doors are too expensive and heavy to install (because of "hydraulics") and they cost more than the land on the other side and maybe we should give the land to the people on the other side...

Trump complained harshly about a "Judge Flores" for an immigration ruling, not understanding "Flores" was actually the case name and named after a teen migrant named Jenny Flores.

Trump said wind turbine noise causes cancer.

"During an Oval Office event with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump either lied or got confused about where his father was born, admitted that closing the border with Mexico will be economically harmful to the US (but threatened to do it anyway), pushed a baseless conspiracy theory, and repeatedly struggled to say the word “origins.”"

Instead of "origins", he kept saying "ORANGES".

All this is on top of the usual unhinged claims and baseless lies he makes every day.

How much more can the country take of this?


Blogger Patricia Carter said...

Oranges, Its odd he couldnt tell the difference. It is a worrisome time for the country.
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3:07 AM  

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