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Friday, September 07, 2007

Breakthroughs Toward Attaining A Complete Understanding of the Nuking of the WTC on 9/11-- The Likelihood of Sabotaged, Fizzled Nukes

By The Anonymous Physicist

This article will include breakthroughs that may provide a complete understanding of all the anomalous matters in the nuclear destruction of the WTC. My previous articles on the WTC nuclear destruction of the WTC, and its aftermath are here and here. There is much evidence that the sub-basement of WTC 1 was hit with a nuclear bomb around the time of the first “plane hit. The accounts (I have previously given) of surviving burn victim Felipe David and stationary engineer Mike Pecoraro, strongly indicate that this sub-basement, massive blast was nuclear. My article on Felipe David made clear that David’s hanging and burnt skin was from the radiation from a nuke. Pecoraro’s account of a vaporized 50 ton hydraulic press, missing parking garage, and the 300 pound steel and concrete door shriveled up “like aluminum foil” also were from this nuke. We also had phone outage from an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that is part of a nuclear bomb’s effects, at this time and long before the tower’s destruction, as you can read here. Perhaps the early-on EMP is why there were so many military helicopters and planes at the towers— possibly even initiating conventional and/or nuclear explosions, including the final nuclear destruction, via direct line-of-sight lasers into the towers, because radio communications either failed or could not be counted upon, after the first nuke (and EMP).

Now regarding the nuking of the WTC, let me re-introduce the crucial concept of “redundancy.” When the PTB decide to do something, and that it must not fail, various forms of redundancy are utilized. If a nuke is to go off in the basement, and say on several upper floors, they would likely have emplaced more than one at each of those levels. Why? Because nukes have been known to fail to detonate, or fail to detonate with their maximum potential. To have a nuclear bomb go off with its maximum potential devastation achieved is very complicated and intertwined. Maximizing the nuclear chain reaction— while necessarily minimizing the time interval of the chain reaction, after having a successful, complicated, conventional explosion, involves many things being done near perfectly— including having properly manufactured/enhanced substances, and triggering mechanisms. This can never be 100% guaranteed. (I am assuming that the trigger is conventional explosives, as opposed to possible newer modalities including laser or sound waves.) We also have Bill Deagle relating how an ATF agent from the OKC bombing told him he removed unused extra— i.e. redundant-- micro-nukes from the Murrah building. If a nuke at a level is crucial for the demolition scenario (including its secondary, fall-back scenarios), there likely was more than one there, in case the first “fizzled.”

Because with a fizzled, crucial nuke, the failed remains would provide a giveaway that the regime itself just tried to nuke the WTC. Clearly the plan called for the complete destruction of the WTC, followed by evidence removal. Now, I assert that great redundancy, and the alternative (bottom up) tower destruction mechanism, and “leaning” (recall my John Miller piece) scenarios, were partially employed, or prepared, because this was the first time a top-bottom set of nukes going off vertically, and very complexly, and timed with conventional explosives was done. Indeed the bogus “leaning” was the fall back scenario if the planned nuking scenario proved untenable. And things did not go perfectly at all. There would be numerous “fizzled” nukes!

While we can never know with certainty which type(s) of nukes were employed, they would likely have used ones that were likely the most dependable. Now the evidence indicates that both fission and fusion occurred at the WTC. The govt’s publicly released studies found Uranium, and Tritium (fusion source); while Plutonium was never tested for (or such data was not released.) Relatively massive amounts of Strontium and Barium were found in the dust in at least one WTC area, conclusive to William Tahil that a significant amount of fission occurred. So the presence of both tritium and fission by-products (Strontium and Barium are by-products of the fission of Uranium or Plutonium) indicate that fission and fusion took place. Tritium boosting (fusion) has been incorporated into fission bombs. These nukes may have been thought to be the most dependable. “Fusion boosted fission bombs can also be made immune to radiation from nearby nuclear explosions which can cause other designs to predetonate, blowing themselves apart without achieving a high yield. The combination of reduced weight in relation to yield and immunity to radiation means that most modern nuclear weapons are fusion boosted.” But Wikipedia is CIA-connected. And note the conflict between the alleged “immune to radiation” claim and the information, I will reveal shortly, that neutrinos can, in effect, “evaporate” sufficient nuclear material to prevent a full chain reaction.

So let us assume this type of nuke was used, and that several of them “fizzled.” First I need to clarify the difference in “fizzling” that I will delve into now, and the fizzled nukes I wrote of in my first articles. The core idea is the same— nuclear bomb fragments gave rise to the "China Syndrome". But earlier I wrote of exploded nukes that impacted unexploded nukes. The latter then giving rise to these fragments, as is, or partially detonating thereafter. But now I will highlight crucial, new evidence that indicates numerous nukes “fizzled” on their own, through likely sabotage, and not from the effects of other nukes. When these nukes that would “fizzle” were triggered, there are several possibilities. If their conventional triggering explosives failed, there would be nothing. If these powerful, conventional explosives went off (and the evidence herein indicates they did), there would be blast from this; and likely some subsequent, partial nuclear criticality would have been attained with some, or all, of these fizzled nukes. But the blast, and neutron, and other, radiation released was a fraction of what was supposed to happen— and insufficient to bring down a building such as WTC7. The result was a (much) smaller nuke going off, and the beginning of the China Syndrome of nuclear reacting fragments exploded about— but perhaps mostly in the basements, if that’s where the first nukes went off, as is probable. These fragments would be the HEAT SOURCE that would give rise to the molten steel at the bottoms of the three WTC skyscrapers in the coming months. The molten steel’s heat source was the remnants from fizzled (likely sabotaged) nukes. These sub-basement nuke fragments were unable to be completely removed, according to the evidence and logic I have presented, for six months, or so. Now if a “fizzled” nuke went off high up, in one of the twin towers, it would likely disperse these fragments about the WTC (with much finer “bits” dispersed much farther out), and give rise to more widespread, but lower level of heat that was measured.

How many fizzled nukes were there? I can only surmise. At least two for WTC7 (the first, and at least one redundant one), and one or more per tower. Remember that the three skyscrapers had molten steel underneath them for months. That would be a minimum of four fizzled nukes. If the Murrah/OKC Deagle story is true (ATF agents removed several, unexploded micro-nukes), there may have been significantly more than these four, at the WTC. I believe all the evidence indicates that there were likely more than these four. I also assert that the likely reason there were numerous defective nukes is because they had been sabotaged— and this was not realized by the perps until after the fact! There are numerous possibilities. This could have been performed by elements of the military who tried to save Americans from their fate. Another possibility is that the nukes could have been hidden in place for a long time, and gone bad. (Not probable, IMO.) Sabotage could have been performed by others, even from far away, such as with neutrino beams, even through the Earth. As the end of this article indicates, neutrino-irradiated nukes may act as if they have undergone effective "evaporation of nuclear material.” And this negates the wiki/CIA claim above that these, or any other, nukes are “immune to all radiation.” Here we learn that Japan, in 1999, began through the Earth neutrino beaming, to distant targets. Always remember that with such military and nuclear matters, and technologies, public release of information is often decades after actual military use has gone on. There are other possibilities that could have led to the unknowing emplacement of sabotaged nukes, but that is described elsewhere by me. Successful, redundant or replacement nukes may have been of a different design, or intensity, than the ones that “fizzled”.

Note that the scenario of a small nuke whose core is sabotaged, via removal of sufficient fissile material to prevent complete criticality, and full chain reaction, was depicted in the 1997 Kidman/Clooney movie, “Peacemaker.” This form of sabotage would not likely be relevant here (due to detectability by the perps emplacing them.) More likely is the scenario (neutrinos) described above (or something similar), that would have allowed for having previously, and surreptiously sabotaged numerous nukes.

What happened, and didn’t happen, to WTC7 is crucial to this scenario. New information regarding earlier explosions in WTC7 will soon be detailed. Recall the following. I first wrote that WTC7’s demise was a conventional controlled demolition (CD). Then in a later article, I revised this and wrote that I had become certain that WTC7 was a nuclear CD, not a conventional CD. I quoted the unimpeachable source, Fire Engineering Professor, Dr. Barnett who had observed remnants of vaporized steel “from extraordinarily high temperatures” in the WTC7 rubble. I had conclusively proven, by then, that the months long eyewitnessed and photographed high temperatures and molten steel was accurate despite all the desperate disinfo from the OCT and DEW crowd(s). The difference between my earlier WTC7 hypotheses and this article is, in part, due to the well-hidden fact of WTC7 explosions during the time of the towers’ destructions. It is now clear to me that they didn’t demolish WTC7 earlier that morning, because they couldn’t— but not the way I wrote months ago. They couldn’t destroy WTC7 early that morning, because they tried, and it “fizzled.”

Let us now examine WTC7 in detail. We have Tris McCall of Jersey City, NJ. on November 24, 2003 stating, “I said I'd talk a little bit more about WTC7…From our vantage point atop the palisade, we could see the top stories of the trapezoidal structure peeking out between the skyscrapers of Battery Park City….Just before the fall of the North Tower, we saw a large explosion coming from the street-level area around World Trade Center 7. …it looked distinctly like a bomb had been detonated underneath the city, and, of course, that's exactly what I thought had occurred.” On 9/11 itself, the major media put this out: “After the initial blast, Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings reported to a command center on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center. He was with Michael Hess, the city's corporation counsel. They were the only ones there. They felt and heard another explosion, probably the collapse of one building. He broke a window and screamed for help. Then they went down a stairwell. "I told Hess, `We've got to try to get out of here."' They got to the lobby, or what was left of it. "I thought I was dead. The whole building shook. ... I looked around, the lobby was gone. It looked like hell. It was like a bad movie. Though covered in soot, Jennings was not physically injured. He said Hess escaped safely as well.” Note how the article tries to claim that the lobby blast was from the collapse of another WTC building. But now we learn that Jennings was the Deputy Director of the Emergency Services Dept. of the NYC Housing Authority, and is now stating he is certain that he heard and felt explosions in WTC7, shortly after 9 A.M. First as he is coming down the stairs at about the eighth floor. Then there is proof of a large explosion that impacts the WTC7 lobby. Jennings first indicates he is sure the “fuel/oil tank explosion” explanation is bogus. Then he says, “I heard explosions… [Note the plural.] The lobby was totally destroyed… They had to take me out through a make-shift hole in the wall the fire dept. had to make to get me out.” Then Alex Jones comes on this Youtube piece and says that all this happened within minutes of the first “plane hit”— before either tower’s “collapse.” Other information is that this happened in between the two tower demolitions. Jones says that Jennings also says (in the full tape) he saw numerous dead bodies, presumably in the lobby, and was told not to look at them. Could the reason Jennings is told not to examine the bodies be that they showed evidence of being nuked?

I assert that the explosions Jennings hears, and experiences, in WTC7 were one or more fizzled nukes. What would happen to WTC7 at 5:20 P.M. was actually meant to happen at about the same time as all the other WTC buildings were destroyed! Is it not likely that WTC7 was also planned for simultaneous destruction? I don’t blame Jennings for hiding out, if his story is true, nor for being too scared for six years to tell his more complete story. Now any dead bodies Jennings saw in the WTC7 lobby, were likely from these fizzled nukes. I assert that WTC7 was not demolished early on, with the other buildings, because all its nukes-- including the redundant one(s)-- fizzled, as described above! I further now hypothesize that this matter, fizzled nukes, is likely the reason for the long 7-8 hour delay— even beyond the planned time that the regime errantly pre-told the media— for the WTC7 “collapse.” The perps were likely replacing defective nukes! This would have taken time to get them from wherever they were brought in from. Apparently all nukes in WTC7, despite redundancy, were defective, again, IMO, likely sabotaged. And it took a few hours to get replacements, possibly even needing time to test, or try to test, the new ones before emplacing them in WTC7? Indeed I would hypothesize that perhaps even the errant early notice to the worldwide media that WTC7 HAD ALREADY COLLAPSED, was once again due to another defective nuke unexpectedly “fizzling!” So it seems that my hypothesized scenario of defective, likely sabotaged, nukes and replacing them as needed (WTC7), appears to explain every single anomalous fact on 9/11, and the China Syndrome afterwards.

There are other related anomalous WTC7 matters. We see that WTC7 was ordered evacuated at 9:03. I guess the federal perps knew the end result ahead of time, and ordered their own to leave immediately, while people in WTC1 and 2 were told to stay in, or go back to, their offices!! Maximize the deaths of the citizens, and minimize the deaths of the feds. Some of the 9/11 perps may have been agents working in WTC7, but the vast majority, I would presume would not know of the matter, or its details. All reports of the earlier explosions in WTC7 would be hidden by the lackey media. During the 7-8 hour interval, firefighters were not allowed to fight the relatively small fires that likely resulted from “fizzled” nukes. You wouldn’t want firefighters to witness many things, including federal perps bringing in the replacement—- “better” nukes! Likely those perps would be wearing radiation-protecting garb. While the WTC7 fires would be “officially” blamed on ejecta from WTC 1 or 2, photos of WTC7 show limited damage to the facade which cannot account for the complete global "collapse" of the tower.

Moreover, the lobby of WTC7 was shielded by the presence of WTC6 from any ejecta from WTC1 and 2. The first WTC7 explosions are now said to have occurred before any tower destruction. Now regarding these fires several floors up, there could have been one or more mini-nukes that fizzled therein, or criticality fragments from partially exploded defective nukes could have been blasted up a few floors. Recall the Chernobyl core explosion that blasted off the roof itself and left some 30 criticality fragments burning away on the roofs of adjacent buildings— the China Syndrome. And I trust you know why WTC7 could not get a reprieve? It was even more imperative now for the perps to “eliminate” WTC7, because its lobby, basement and possibly some of the floors where fires were, now contained the proof of one or more fizzled nukes— the nuclear reacting criticality fragments that link back to the U.S. regime, and not 19 Arabs and “plane hits.”

Perhaps all redundant nukes in the towers that finally, successfully exploded were of a different type than the fizzled ones. Redundant nukes that were successfully exploded in the towers’ upper floors, after any initial “fizzled” nukes went off at those levels, would have widely dispersed the fizzled nukes’ contents which had presumably undergone partial criticality (nuclear reacting fragments). Of course, even properly functioning nukes will give off some radioactivity, but Hiroshima, and Nagasaki did not have surface hotspots, for weeks and months. Now, at the WTC, these fragments gave rise to the widespread hotspots all over the WTC, after the “collapses” were over. These areas thus had to be massively, repeatedly washed down, and treated with dirt, that was then removed and carted away (as was the neutron-bombarded metal itself)— this took weeks. Thus we had the high temperatures, melted firemen’s’ boots, etc. from surface hotspots. Fizzled nukes, in the sub-basement levels of the three skyscrapers were entrapped therein, and thus were effectively more concentrated, and nearly impossible to “treat” with dirt or water, and not reachable for months. These deep underground hotspots stayed hot for six months or so (as documented at this blog), giving rise, all the while, to such phenomena as molten steel for six months.

To sum up, it appears that this author has herein revealed a consistent scenario that includes the cause of the resultant, and now massively documented, China Syndrome of high temperatures, molten steel, and nuclear irradiation of responders, and NYC residents, and the long WTC7 demolition delay— namely defective, likely sabotaged, nukes and the time interval needed for replacement (WTC7). Possible mechanisms for the hidden nuclear bomb sabotage have also been revealed here. I assert this is now the most consistent, and perhaps the simplest, scenario that includes the most heretofore inexplicable factors— long WTC7 destruction delay, errant WTC7 destruction time given to the media, the WTC7 “preliminary” explosions, and the resultant China Syndrome, with the greatest and longest time-line for very high temperatures and molten metal underneath the three skyscrapers of the WTC, all of which had one or more “fizzled” nukes! This article may have eliminated the last mysteries of the nuking of the WTC on 9/11 by the Federal American regime. It is up to each of you now to promulgate this! The life you save may be your own!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do you keep referring to yourself as the sword of "truth"?

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because the truth is on my side and I don't care to sugar coat it for you lying, Osama @#$%-sucking, assholes.

I'm the Sword of truth, not a fluffy throw pillow.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would,like to thank those of you who have helped spread the truth of the nuking of New York City on 9/11/01 by the federal American regime.

First, of course, is Spooked. Then others around the world on the net including, but not limited to
"Ethan Hunt"
"James Ha"
Fehodeode of Norway

Qwest, at one "forum" may have been terminated? after posting one of my nuking/DEW busting articles,and being asked to elaborate on the heat during nuclear demolition of the towers. If not, please reply to the question I posed.

And see ALL of the video "mashups" from mysticalgroove at youtube. He is what a videomasher should be, and is doing much good, as are all of you who help put these crucial articles on the nuking of New York City, and the China Syndrome aftermath, on your own blogs, forums, websites, etc.

Once again, nothing will enrage the people as the simple horrifying truth--promulgating that New York City was hit by nuclear bombs from its monstrous government on 9/11/01. And the horrifying radiation deaths continue to mount among the responders and New York residents.

If you were there, and survived these nukes, is there anything more important you would want the world to know, and act upon, than the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome aftermath?

Please wake up and realize that everything else is of secondary importance, and likely regime hangouts or regime controlled diversions. I have not promoted a book or a presidential candidate, or anything, and have already suffered beyond words--including having my home and myself mercury poisoned, for publicly stating who killed President Kennedy (his SS driver). So I have done this (revealing the details of the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome aftermath) despite my warning. It's just that I realize--all too well-- if something is not worth dying for, there is little worth living for.

Time is short. The life you save may be your own. Don't wait till they knock on your door to comprehend the last sentence. For they have knocked on your own door from the moment you were born. In a thousand different ways.

Don't be diverted from the obvious truth of the vaporization of thousands of your fellow human beings in the WTC on 9/11/01.

These top pictures say it all.
Think of your fellow Human Beings inside. It could have been you. IT WILL BE YOU! Unless...

The Anonymous Physicist

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pictures are here.


2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

swort_of a_ fluffy throw pillow...
even a fluffy throw pillow can admit the truth, and the truth is that 9/11 was an obvious inside job!

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

even a fluffy throw pillow SHOULD admit the truth...

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:52 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

"I have already suffered beyond words--including having my home and myself mercury poisoned, for publicly stating who killed President Kennedy (his SS driver)"

Does ANYONE here believe that? If so, please tell us why.

Maybe the phony physicist was kept secluded and drugged along with OBL.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George H.W. Bush ... Google and type in "eBay item 150154799070"

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's pretty frakkin sad when a low grade moron like Early Winn can tell Ap is not a physicist.

2:01 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Attn: 2:01 AM

Actually, it's pretty obvious that s/he's a phony physicist.

Even a poor writer/communicator such as yourself should be able to discern THAT.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Early Wynn, A.K.A. swart of bullshit, you are the dumbest phuck of all the dumb gestapo shills they send out.

You call Spooked a disinfo agent when you are, you show you troll for JFK truth, and are ordered to counter it each time it is mentioned, you say Spooked banned you while you keep posting your lies, after telling Spooked who you are.

Vermin, want to know who killed President Kennedy--look in the phucking mirror. I hope you have children and grandchildren. Every evil thing you have done in your miserable murdering life is on their heads.

We know from Kay Griggs how you got ahead. So you can't say no to your bosses you filth. Why don't you try, vermin?

Tell em you've got "early" Alzheimers or something. Or just tell them that you exposed yourself too much here as a retard, shill, troll.

Anonymous Physicist

1:01 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like the phony physicist is
a little bent out of shape.

Maybe s/he is upset because no one is buying the absurd nonsense that s/he's peddling and it's taking a toll on her self esteem.

Radical disinfo never sells. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A.P. is right E.W., you really are a dumb troll, proving the PTB worry about what he says, meaning it must be true.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

There's a good reason for the lack of confidence in the credibility of the phony physicist: s/he promotes radical disinformation that isn't persuasive in the least to reasonable, informed people.

Is the phony physicist a disinfo agent or just another slightly-unhinged crackpot?

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

E.W. and swort_ are the only ones who exhibit "lack of confidence in the credibility of the phony physicist" - and who cares what they think anyway?

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point 5:22.
I have alrady said it is likely that swart and E.W. are one and the same regime vermin.
When he trolls and finds a word of truth on the assassination of President Kennedy, this filth appears as "Early Wynn."

When a word of truth appears on the nuking of the WTC on 9/11, this filth comments as "swart."

Anonymous Physicist

7:59 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The phony physicist says s/he believes and supports the most ridiculous of all the JFK assassination conspiracy theories - namely, that the SS limo driver shot JFK.

If that doesn't make you wonder about her/his sanity, then surely her/his
Moon theories will make you wonder just what kind of a loosey goosey crackpot s/he is.

Oh, and get this. The phony physicist claims s/he was poisoned
with mercury by some kind of secret police or ___?

Makes you wonder whether to laugh or cry. Obviously, this is not somebody to be taken seriously.

Get some help, phony physicist. You're embarassing yourself.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

take a break wynn.
the anomaly that is our moon is plenty strange. why are the lunar craters all a uniform shallow depth regardless of diameter?
why is the moon a precise distance from earth so that it causes a perfect solar eclipse?
for that matter, why is the moon a perfect sphere if it was allegedly formed from debris resulting from a collision with the earth? it certainly does not revolve on it's axis fast enough to have formed into a sphere.

you are trying too hard wynn; you should just either accept what A.P. says or you should try to refute it - because no one cares what your opinion of A.P. is any more than they care what A.P.'s opinion of you might be.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Early baby smacks DOWN the Anonymous Asshole! Beautiful!

Mercury poisoning? As if! We can only hope. Call it thinning of the herd - removing the most whacked out among us, those with significant brain damage that we don't want passed on to the future.

Anonymous Asshole, here's to your mercury poisoning! (hoisting a cold one)

8:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Take a break, Spooked.

Was that you that said: "the anomaly that is our moon is plenty strange"?

It's one thing to call it strange, but it's totally illogical to say or suggest that therefore it must be artificial.

Check your logic book.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Now if only a bunny cage experiment can be done with a small nuclear device, spook's status as the greatest living performance artist in the world will be firmly cemented."

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

over 300 instances of cancer have developed among 1st responders since 9/11.
maybe it was the pretend jet fuel.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Early Wynn"/AKA Swart, the official gestapo agent for this blog. Trolling for any truth on JFK, trolling for any truth on the nuking of the WTC on 9/11/01 [he has said there were planes, and therefore shouldn't even be reading this blog any more], proving these things I have written with every foul, inane, desperate comment.

Ordered to kill truth, just as he was ordered to kill others for so long, a piece of filth for a long time. He has murdered his own children and grandchildren by destroying this world. Look in the mirror to see who killed President Kennedy and who did 9/11--filth like you. It was you.

And the only ones who would have sympathy for, and write, "poor SS agents Greer and Kellerman" is someone who probably did take part in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Where, in fact, were you, filth, on 11/22/63? Assigned to Dallas? Or support in Wash D.C.?

Anonymous Physicist

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking at this photo, it is obvious that less than 1/2 of wtc2 remains intact, less than 6 seconds into the "collapse".
where did the rest of it go?
obviously NIST/911 commission' claim of "global collapse" is incorrect.
did harry potter cast a spell on it? not likely.
A.P. has shown that the wtc towers were destroyed by nuclear weapons, which would account for not only the disappearance of the upper 5/8 of this tower, but the more than 300 instances of cancer observed in 9/11 1st responders.

2:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Well, glory be. I'm now beginning to think that maybe the phony physicist really WAS poisoned.

8:50 AM  

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