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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Proof the "UA715" Engine Part Was Planted


Here is the exit face from which the engine supposedly came:

The important facts here are that:
1) the gap between the outer columns are slightly over 2 feet-- 26 inches
2) there are no columns broken to open up a wider hole
3) one column is bent in a way to allow an object slighter wider than two feet through, but certainly this hole is not more than 30 inches wide
4) the base of the engine part shown below is about three feet wide

Thus, this engine cannot have come from the exit hole.

Further proof comes from the fact that even IF the engine could SQUEEZE through the 30 inch hole, there is no way that it would have come straight with a perpendicular high speed trajectory-- the columns on either sides of the exit hole would have skewed the trajectory greatly. Plus, it is extremely unlikely that the engine would arrive at the hole from the inside in such a way such that it would be centered to go out of the hole perfectly-- as it would need to be to have any chance of getting out of the hole in a straight manner.

Related proof-- the ejected debris could not have landed where the engine was found.

UPDATE 9/7/07:
First, this picture shows a carpenter's square right on the engine. It looks to be a 12 inch square, which fits with the street sign size (typically 30 inches long). Thus I can make a pretty good estimate that the engine is 32 inches at its widest, which makes it impossible for it to squeeze anywhere from out between the steel outer columns shown above which are spaced 26 inches apart.

Further, the close up of the circled "exit hole" seems to actually show that the outer wall of the box column is bent to the side-- which makes more sense than the whole column being bent to the side from something going OUT. Further, the close-up shows a large piece of column STUCK in the hole next to the distorted column. This may be one side of that distorted column that was blown outwards by the blast from inside. Interestingly, if this is indeed the side of the column sticking in this hole, it is further PROOF that no engine went through this hole, since the hole is BLOCKED by debris that could have only been made by something blowing outwards! And this column piece sure as hell wasn't formed AFTER the engine went out.

(The German label speculates that the column piece sticking out is part of an "eject" mechanism, something I think is unlikely.)


Anonymous Rob said...

GREAT POST Spooked! FINAL PROOF & confirmation of video fakery.

Moreover, the "engine" landed...UNDER SCAFFOLDING!!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and it's not even a 767 engine.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

You think the engine stopped immediately when it hit the ground??

Or is it more likely that it rolled/bounced/skidded to where it was photographed under scaffolding...?


9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is no exit hole in the tower where the engine (that is not even a 767 engine) allegedly exited from.

1:31 PM  

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