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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eyewitness Testimony of Firefighters Believing They Were Nuked on 9/11

... as well as early WTC7 Destruction, EMP, non-impact plane flyby, and people being pushed out of a WTC tower.

By The Anonymous Physicist

Reading just a handful out of the 503 9/11 WTC initial responders’ testimonies has proven to be a real eye-opener. These firefighters’ and EMS officers’ depositions provide good corroboration for many of the things I have hypothesized at this blog, including the following: The WTC was demolished via small nuclear bombs, that pre-“collapse” basement nukes were set off in the towers, synchronous with the “plane hit” explosions above, that there likely were EMP’s (Electromagnetic Pulses from nukes), and that WTC7 underwent early explosions, and attempted early demolition.

Firefighter Edward Kennedy here states that he thought a “nuclear bomb” had demolished a tower. “We were on Liberty Street and we came out into there and it just look like something that -- it looked like a bomb, of course, had gone off, almost like a nuclear bomb... “

Here we learn that NYFD Lt. George DeSimone similarly thought the heat--without fire--impinging on him was Hiroshima-like:
“I thought it was some kind of thermal explosion where I'm either going to get burnt -- and I had kind of ideas that it was going to be something like Hiroshima where all this heat was coming at me and we were going to get burnt…”
Several hours after both tower “collapses”, and despite official regime claims of total military and civilian flight termination, he said:
"...We saw jets overhead, commercial airliner, military jets, Air Force jets, and we didn't know what the hell was going on..."
Recall I have detailed how a nuke’s thermal rays go farthest out, well beyond its destructive blast radius. Here NYFD Chief Jerry Gumbo’s testimony is one of several I have cited, to say he felt heat far away from any actual fire. He stated:
"...At the time of the impact, we were able to feel heat that was generated from the explosion at the command post, which was across West Street, and West is fairly large street with that island in there, and debris was showering all over West Street."
I believe this is again indication of the early basement nuke concomitant with the “plane hit” explosion above.

Another firefighter who thought the WTC destruction was nuclear is NYFD Lt Richard Smiouskas, whose statement is here. He was an official NYFD photographer, and has some startling testimony, regarding other matters, as well. It appears that with his telefoto lens, he witnessed people being pushed out of tower one. He said:
"...I was photographing the fire from the roof. I had a long lens on the camera, and I had people in the windows. It looked like they were being -- they weren't actually jumping. One or two people I saw, they seemed like they were being forced out by the people behind them. There was half a dozen faces. In between the smoke you could see people..." (snip) "I guess they were all trying to get air, and this guy was actually standing in the window, standing in the frame with each hand on each frame and he kind of like got nudged out."
In the second sentence, it looks like he just stopped himself from saying “pushed”. The last incident may even indicate the NON-jumper was trying to keep himself from being pushed out!

Lt. Smiouskas believed that a nuclear bomb went off, due to the magnitude of Earth shaking that he felt. As a tower is being destroyed he recalls:
"It looked like an earthquake. The ground was shaking. I fell to the floor. My camera bag opened up. The cameras went skidding across the floor…I'm thinking maybe a bomb blew up. I'm thinking it could have been a nuclear….”
Then he writes of seeing “glitter” through the black smoke, during tower destruction.
“Everybody started running north, and this huge volume like ten stories high billowing, pushing black smoke and like a glitter. I guess it was glass that was glitter that was in the cloud of smoke.”
I do not believe this “glitter” was glass in the black smoke. Perhaps it is more likely that gamma rays from nuclear explosions which could readily traverse the black smoke, impinged on his retina. This is like the atronauts in earth orbit seeing (retinal) flashes from cosmic rays when they tried to go to a higher earth orbit, and like medical x-rays that go through you and onto a photographic plate.

But note how Lt. Smiouskas found the ground shaking was intense enough that he surmised (correctly, IMO) that a nuclear bomb went off. Now, I have been in 5.1 (Richter scale) Earthquakes, and in 2.3’s. The latter I didn’t feel at all, and the 5.1 sounds more like what Lt. Smiouskas (and I) experienced—at least a likely 4.0. I also was at the WTC six weeks after 9/11, and saw many cracked, concrete sidewalks, blocks away from the WTC, (as well as experienced my eyes burning from the hot toxic gases still emitted.) I therefore make the following assertion. It is likely that the “official” 2.1 and 2.3 Richter scale recordings on 9/11 had their spikes cut off! I have even found that NIST asked for a “re-analysis” of seismic data from one observatory before publishing their “findings.” So, just as I hypothesized about the long-delayed second AVIRIS (WTC temperature) data set, the seismic recordings were likely doctored by this regime. And this fire-fighter’s belief that the intense ground shaking was due to a “nuclear bomb” supports this hypothesis.

The interview of Dr. Michael Guttenberg, of NYFD’s Office of Medical Affairs, who may have witnessed EMP is here.

Just after the second “plane hit” explosion, and before any tower “collapse”, he noted:
“…on the EMS radio, there was absolute silence for probably 10 or 15 seconds, you know, which to me, it seemed like 10 to 15 seconds, but it was absolute radio silence for a few seconds…”
“We were told that the air was so thick with debris that radio waves weren't able to travel.”
“That was after the towers came down.”
Note two things, the radios went dead—likely a sign of EMP, as I have previously described. And see how the questioner attempts to confuse the issue with a double lie. One, that this happened after a tower was destroyed, when instead, this is after the second WTC2 “plane hit” explosion, and before any tower “collapse” as Dr. Guttenberg corrects him. And two, that radio waves would have been blocked by a conventional explosion, when they wouldn’t have been. And note also that this radio blackout occurred after the second “plane hit” explosion. My previous articles contained evidence, and my hypothesis, that the WTC1 “plane hit” explosion was used as cover for a nearly concomitant basement nuclear bomb explosion that vaporized a 50 ton steel press, and a garage level, and also caused phone outage. So we learn now that electronic communications also were affected after the second “plane hit”, which may indicates that they also nuked the basement of WTC2 at that time. I hypothesized that this was done in case the planned, subsequent, intricate, top-down demolition failed.

Guttenberg also provides more eyewitness testimony for early WTC7 explosions, as he went to the loading area of WTC7.
“…We all stuffed ourselves into this hallway [near the loading dock of WTC7], pulled the door shut, and the noise just got very loud and the room filled with dust. The noise stopped, and we opened up the door, and everything was pitch black. The way we got into the loading dock was not the way we were getting out. It was obstructed.”
This appears to be a watered down way of saying WTC underwent internal explosions. This jives with my earlier article citing Deputy Director of the NYC Emergency Services Dept., Barry Jennings, that the WTC7 underwent attempted complete internal destruction at the same time that the first tower (and WTC 3, 4, 5, 6) were demolished. My article, on top here hypothesized that fizzled nukes was the reason WTC7 was not successfully destroyed during this early coordinated attempt, which Jennings stated destroyed much of the lobby, now corroborated by Guttenberg. The last URL also has my earlier articles on nuclear demolition of the WTC.

NYFD Lt. Robert Larocco here also noted that tower destruction seemed “nuclear” to him. He said,
“Of course the cloud was kind of like a nuclear winter thing. You're walking through fallout.”
Near the towers, but BEFORE either tower “collapse”, he noted:
“As I started walking onto the side street – actually as I stepped onto the side street, the strangest thing I noticed was there was like three inches of snow on the ground. The snow was probably pulverized concrete, sheetrock, loose tiles, insulation, asbestos or what-have-you.”
Now this fine ash or 3 inches of snow-like “pulverized concrete” as he called it would not occur from a “plane hit” or conventional explosives. Could this fine, 3 inches of “snow” be from the early basement nukes I have written about? Like the WTC1 basement blast that vaporized a steel press, and a parking garage level that eyewitnesses said was just “gone.”

Now some DEW/OCT disinfo agents claim that the tower destruction was not loud because their hangout was not loud. During the commencement of WTC2 destruction, Lt. Larocco stated:
“The next second I heard that loudest noise in the world that I was describing before getting louder and louder.” (snip) “It was the loudest noise I've ever heard in my life. It was in both ears. Kind of like those rockets that they launch the space shuttles with, it was like I had one going off in each ear. When I thought it was the loudest noise I ever heard, every second it was just increasing getting louder and louder and louder.”
Lt Larocco also describes very personal feelings of fear of death, and fellow firefighters “crying like babies” during and just after collapse. These revelations prove that the redactions in the published responders’ statements were not because of wanting to hide the most personal of feelings.

Lt. Larocco also stated that hours after both towers were destroyed:
“…I still really didn't believe that the second tower was hit by a second plane.”
At this point, the interviewer, Monte Feiler, says, “Stopping the interview at 1306.” Then, “Resuming the tape at 1308 hours. Same people present.”

Now Lt. Larocco says: “
Like I said, the rumors were flying around, and they turned out to be quite factual, about the second tower getting hit. Although at the time I really didn't believe it until I saw it later on television. The thing about the Pentagon, the plane crashing out in Pennsylvania, it was all coming into the picture that this is something major going on.”
So we see how something happened during this “time out.” Something he was told and recalling what was “on TV” apparently made him change his mind and believe in the second “plane hit.” This manipulation speaks for itself. And if there really were plane hits, would the PTB need to perform such blatent manipulations of eyewitness testimony?

Finally I note that when he was making his way out after “collapse,” Lt. Larocco recalls:
“I thought to myself this is a locked exit. That's illegal.”
We see, as some survivors have noted, many fire escape exits were locked. Someone--who may have had a master key--apparently locked numerous exits. If such a man is ascertained, and his actions proven to be deliberate, he should be charged with mass murder.

My interpretation of EMT Frank Puma’s deposition here indicates that he may have witnessed a FLYBY, and not a “plane impact” regarding the alleged “second hit.” He said:
“…I ran down to the corner of Church and Park Place, looked up and I saw the plane shooting out of the top of the towers. That's when I grabbed for my radio and yelled over the air, "1 Adam. A bomb just went off in the Trade Center."...
Note that after he witnessed an apparent flyby, HE CALLED IN A BOMB, and NOT a plane impact! In fact, when you couple his statement to the interviewer, with his action of exactly what he called in, it seems clear that he believed the plane he saw bombed the WTC! And this must be considered a possibility. However, all the evidence and the ludicrous “plane-shaped” hole itself indicate shape charges, at that facade, were set off in sync with a flyby (and basement nukes).

Finally, for those who grasp the deeper conspiracies I have elucidated here, I note that Firefighter Michael Wernick here stated the number of the Fire Engine that apparently responded first to the WTC, on 9/11. Wernick said, “Engine 33 went first.” As I have written here before, “All things nuclear…”

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