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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Latest 9/11 Nonsense From The Intel Agencies/Secret Societies—Agent Khalezov’s Nuclear (Non-)Theory

By The Anonymous Physicist

Recently I saw someone on a forum wondering if the Anonymous Physicist will write an article on the recent book/videos by Dimitri A Khalezov on his nuclear 9/11 hangout. Now his book curiously came out not long after I published mine, The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center, and the China Syndrome Aftermath, last year.


Khalezov’s websites have/had most of his book online, and I saw that— as predicted— it contained mostly physical impossibilities, and the usual two scapegoats/hangouts; and it was not worth wasting time denouncing this expected intel claptrap. And anyone intelligent, and not themselves an intel asset, should be able to see from all I have written what and who he is, and the obvious nonsense his book comprises! And I should not have to write anything myself. Of course, most of those who seek to give him some credit are likely assets themselves. Recently videos of Khalezov being interviewed made the rounds at the intel-run “conspiracy forums.”

So be advised that this is the last time I will do this, as many of you should be able to understand the following without my needing to do this, and again my previous writings predicted Khalezov’s palaver years ago. Khalezov’s book, The Third Truth About September 11, appears to have been taken off of Lulu’s site. Be wary of going to his various websites, or others that cite his work, as most are down and/or trigger virus warnings! But you should be OK if you have good virus software. (But think about who really creates those.)

Khalezov’s own biography proclaims him to be a long-term intelligence agent—first of the “Soviet nuclear intelligence, officially known as the Special Control Service of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry.” Of course, every honest conspiracy expert knows what I have written many times, that the intelligence agencies of the USSR/Russia, USA, Israel, etc., etc. are all controlled out of England’s MI6—just as were Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin 70 years ago. An honest, intelligent researcher wouldn’t waste any more time wondering about Khalezov’s veracity after this. But these creatures make their masters known in ways I have revealed in my books and articles. Khalezov’s own site proclaims his address in Thailand with the 33: “Dimitri Khalezov, 333, Soi 40, Phaholyouthin Road, Senanikom, Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand.”

Now again I have not read his entire book, nor viewed all of the videos. But I had read and viewed enough to learn this latest intel hangout. As usual, there are elements of physical truth (small dust particle size) mixed in with the nonsense. Some of the truth looks like it may even have come from my writings, which go back to 2006. I believe the “essentials” of Khalezov’s “theory” are the following: The nukes were thermonuclear 150-KT (kiloton) bombs that were set off in the sub-basement. (Note that some imbeciles at some of the conspiracy sites actually say that he stated 150-MT (megaton) nukes were set off. This is incorrect, but shows the value of these individuals, as such large nukes would have taken out much of lower NY State.) Note that a 150-KT nuke is itself about 10 times the yield of the nuke that destroyed the city of Hiroshima.

I believe that Khalezov wrote single nukes in the basement did the job, like the Finnish military expert and the nuclear reactor hypothesis creator, William Tahil. This despite the top-down scenario seen, and the fact that different massive explosions occurred at different times for each tower as I have detailed. Khalezov does not have the China Syndrome of fissioning fragments causing the great heat and flowing molten metal seen and even photographed up to 5-6 months after 9/11. Rather his “research” and book bogusly claims that the multi-million degree temperature of his 150 KT nukes led to the great heat LINGERING for 6 months. And this is bogus physics, as the heat dissipates relatively quickly. Even wikipedia notes that “Several minutes to days later [after an underground nuke is set off], once the heat dissipates enough, the steam condenses, and the pressure in the cavity has fallen below the level needed to support the overburden, the rock above the void falls into the cavity, creating a rubble chimney.”

Here you see the same problem faced by all the regime’s limited hangouts—explaining the source of heat for the molten metal seen and photographed up to six months after 9/11 at the WTC. The regime’s agents have previously claimed that there never was any heat (O.C.T. and “DEW”), or the invention of ludicrous, new laws of Physics, such as the long-term intel asset/physicist and “super-nanocomposite” thermite pusher’s risible “unextinguishable [chemical] fires.”

Khalezov now simply lies, and claims that the great heat of the nukes lingered for months, when it actually would cool off in minutes, hours, or days— as would any variation of thermite (if any were left over after being used as an explosive.) Khalezov, in effect, says that the (initial) heat is the source of the (later) heat. But the laws of thermodynamics, as indicated by even the Wiki piece, dictate that the great heat of a nuke dissipates relatively quickly. As I have written, the only thing that could account for the several thousand degree temperature in the rubble pile, and deep underground, months after 9/11, was the generation of great heat by the still fissioning nuclear bomb remnants/fragments. These fragments, due to their great half-life of 700 million years, do not need any new or bogus physics to account for their great heat GENERATION, until they were all simply reached and carted away.

So from the above, we see that Khalezov’s masters have put him out there for one of the usual hangouts/gatekeeping purposes— to deny the heat GENERATION of the China Syndrome Aftermath of the fission bomb fragments/remnants, out of fear that the masses in the NYC metro area, and the USA, and the world, would learn what the American Gestapo regime did to its own people. As well, perhaps they fear that people in the military might wake the hell up, and do the right thing?

Then the other obvious purpose for agent Khalezov was naming bogus perpetrators for the nuking of the WTC on 9/11. As predicted, he names all the usual possible scapegoats/hangouts. He’s got the old Soviet nuclear suitcases planted all across America. (If there really were/are such suitcases, you can bet they were planted by U.S. and British intel agents to blame the USSR to start WWIII when Mankind’s masters deemed it was time.) But he ends up—after making the reader or viewer endure much gibberish— with the usual final, bi-millenial hangout, stating that a colleague of his told him it was the Israeli Mossad that did it all. This I believe is his great “third truth.” He goes to great lengths to say that the US Govt couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it, and even gives the US regime a pass saying that “the US regime knows who did it, but can’t retaliate, else WWIII would start,” or words to that effect. Note that this last hangout is a variation used in the American Gestapo regime’s assassination of President Kennedy. “We know [fill in the blank—USSR, Cuba, etc.] did it, but we can’t retaliate, else WWIII would start.” Again anyone with a brain, and not an intel asset, would know that only the US regime could have done the whole thing. And anyone who has comprehended my writings would know that England had to have ordered the nuking of the WTC, and/or been involved. Why? You tell me, from what I have written. I have actually made it easy to understand these matters.

Recently we learn that Khalezov has made a “tag team” with alleged conspiracy expert, Daniel Estulin, who allegedly has been exposing the Bildeberger group. (Note that the author of that blog is out of Oxford, England [naturally].) Though residing in Spain, Wikipedia tells us that Estulin was born in Russia. (One wonders how far back Khalezov knew him. And I am sure they will “vouch” for each other’s “veracity.”) But Estulin’s Wiki entry states, “My grandfather was a colonel in the KGB [shades of Marina Oswald’s uncle] and the counter-intelligence in the 1950s, so I am privileged somewhat to get a lot of the information from secret service which are our best sources of information. Not only the KGB people but the MI6 people, the CIA because most of the people who work for the secret service as you probably know are patriots and they love their country and they’re doing it for the good of the nation…” (Makes a knowledgeable person want to puke, yes?)

So Estulin has a new(?) Psy-Op: “You can trust me not to be an intel plant, because I get all my information from the intel agencies!?” Need I write more on these two alleged “nuclear 9/11 proponents”?

So we see the purposes for agent Khalezov’s book, videos and Op-Plan: To put out nonsense of a far too large nuke (150-KT, when the actual nukes used had yields less than a thousandth of that, and that sized nuke would have done vastly greater damage), the absense of the China Syndrome, and pinning it on the usual scapegoats/hangouts— possibly Reds/Commies/Russkies, but definitely Jews/Zionists/Israelis.

In fact, we learn that the more the American people realize that its own regime nuked the people of NYC, the more it desperately gets its agents/assets to put out limited hangouts. Recently, someone I know spoke with William Deagle, M.D.. He apparently was going for a Guiness record. Within a span of about 3 seconds, I was told, Deagle blurted out “Mossad” about 5 times. “Mossad did 9/11, Mossad did this, Mossad did that…” From this, honest, intelligent people learn numerous things— who is likely an intel agent/asset, what their Op-Plan is, and who didn’t do it!

“Speaking” of this, I should update you with the following. When my nuclear 9/11 book was published, some alleged conspiracy experts were informed. I had someone notify Alex Jones and asked him, via email, if he wanted a copy of the book, in lieu of possibly doing an interview on the subject with its author. No reply was ever received. Then an actual copy of the book was sent to Deagle, and numerous calls were earlier left on his phone. No reply was ever sent by him. So we see that the virtual entirety of 9/11, and general, conspiracy “experts” only interview others of similar “stock.”

So as indicated above, I will not likely do this again for all the future intel agency-created hangouts that will continue to appear unless and until the People get this country back— and the nuclear destruction of the WTC on 9/11/01, and the subsequent China Syndrome Aftermath is made known to all.

Severe medical and financial problems may preclude further articles. The website where my books are sold from,, has made clear my urgent needs now, and asks for donations. Sadly, only one person so far has gone beyond the taking and not giving back that all others carry on with in regards to my having offered what I have these last 3-4 years— the Ultimate Truth of what really happened on 9/11 at the WTC, and who and why it was perpetrated— while being so sick. My thanks to David Howard for his donation, and for posting my work on so many websites. If we only had 10 more like him to both help me to survive, and for telling people what actually happened…

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