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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The PTB Hate Socialism

Because they can't satisfy their greedy, psychopathic, planet-destroying needs under socialism.

However, capitalism with a strong dose of socialism is the best way to make an equal, prosperous and HAPPY society.

The Denmark example:

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Your Daily Crimes of the Bloated Empire

When the NSA Has Lost Even Diane Feinstein... it's pretty amazing.

The NSA outrages ARE fucking outrageous.

Obviously everyone spies on each other, but what gets me is 1) the incredible waste of the attitude to capture everything, and 2) the spying ultimately is nothing to do with stopping terrorism and everything to do with gaining economic advantage for our rapacious capitalist empire.

As bad as that is, drone killings are even more sickening and outrageous, and hardly anyone gives a shit. In this pathetic story, kids who saw their grandmother get blown up, testify to a precious few handful of decent Congressional representatives.
Rafiq, like so many fathers, wants his children to have peaceful lives and the best education possible. He hopes Zubair grows up to be a doctor and that Nabila is a lawyer.
"(The drone attack) created a disruption in our lives," he said. "Our children live in fear. They don't want to go to school. They don't want to play outside."
Ultimately, only five members of Congress arrived at the briefing to hear their testimony Tuesday morning: Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, who organized the briefing, along with Reps. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., Rush Holt, D-N.J., John Conyers, D-Mich., and Rick Nolan, D-Minn.
What compelling interest did the U.S. government have in murdering a grandmother of nine and a midwife who helped deliver babies in the village, Rehman asked them. How can he reassure his children that the drones will not come back?
"I no longer love blue skies," Zubair said. "In fact, I now prefer gray skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are gray."
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

33 of the Day

Could it get more obvious than this? 

"The Internal Revenue Service said Saturday that more than 330,000 people have managed to get far enough in the enrollment process to learn how much financial assistance they'll receive purchasing coverage, the Washington Post reported."

Bonus 33:
According to the US Geological Survey, Australia has the second highest level of thorium in the world with 333,690 tonnes – accounting for somewhere between one quarter and one sixth of the world’s thorium reserves.
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US Drones Are War Crimes


Two human rights groups have released major new reports on how U.S. drone strikes kill civilians in Yemen and Pakistan. Amnesty International focused on Pakistan, where it says some drone killings may amount to war crimes. The group reviewed 45 drone strikes that have occurred in North Warizistan since January 2012. It found at least 19 civilians were killed in just two of those strikes, despite claims by the Obama administration it is accurately targeting militants. In one case, a 68-year-old grandmother, Mamana Bibi, was killed in a strike that appeared to be aimed directly at her. She was picking okra while surrounded by her grandchildren when she was blasted to pieces. Her son and granddaughter described the attack.
Rafiq ur-Rehman: "The children were also with her. She was hit in the first attack, and her body parts were lying scattered."
Nabeela: "First it whistled. Then I heard a 'dhummm.' The first hit us, and the second, my cousin. There was an explosion. We were scared, and I ran home. It was dark in front of our house. They brought me to the doctor in the village who gave me first aid. I was not scared before, but now, when the drone is flying, I am scared of it."
More here.

This interview with ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant is worth a watch:

AND in this pathetic story, the kids who saw their grandmother get blown up, testify to a precious few handful of decent Congressional representatives.
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More on the Snowden-NSA Psy-Op

Chris Floyd nails it--
It was once thought that the Snowden trove -- which details the astonishingly pervasive and penetrative reach of America's security apparatchiks into every nook and cranny of our private lives -- might prove to be a stinging blow to our imperial overlords, rousing an angry populace to begin taking back some of the liberties that have been systematically stripped from them by the bipartisan elite. But instead of a powerful tsunami of truth -- a relentless flood of revelations, coming at the overlords from every direction, keeping them off-balance -- we have seen only a slow drip-feed of polite, lawyer-scrubbed pieces from a small portion of the trove, carefully filtered by a tiny circle of responsible journalists at a handful of respectable institutions to ensure, as the custodians constantly assure us, that the revelations will "do no harm" to the security apparat's vital mission.

The perverse result of this process has been to slowly habituate the public to the idea of ubiquitous surveillance. The drawn-out spacing of the stories -- and the small circle of well-known venues from which they come -- has given the apparatchiks and their leaders plenty of time to prepare and launch counter-attacks, to confuse and diffuse the issues with barrages of carefully-wrought bullshit, and to mobilize their own allies in the compliant media to attack the high-profile producers of the stories -- such as the angry assaults in recent days by Britain's right-wing papers, accusing the Guardian of treason, etc., and, once again, diverting attention from the dark and heavy substance of the revelations to the juicier froth of a media cat-fight.

And so, as we have seen time and again over the years, an outbreak of "dissident" revelations is slowly being turned into a means of habituating people to the horrors they expose -- such as the widespread use of torture, which became a widely accepted practice during the last decade.
Stories based on the NSA documents appeared at intervals -- often rather lengthy intervals --- and always from the same sources, in the same dry, dense, Establishment style, interspersed with relentless counterblasts from the power structure -- and, always, mixed in with the million other bright, shiny things that pop and flash and draw the eye on the hyperactive screens that ‘mediate’ reality for us. (And what if you were one of the billions of people on earth who -- perish the thought! -- didn't read the Guardian, the Times and the Post?) So the Snowden-based stories rumbled away on the sidelines, the momentum was lost, the power structure got its bootheels back firmly on the ground.
(Emphases added)
As they say, the whole thing is worth a read...  although I disagree with Floyd on the nature of Snowden. Floyd seems to think he is legit, I imagine he is a knowing part of the whole psy-op. Though if Snowden is legit, then Greenwald and Poitras are definitely in on the op.

Good to see some backlash and protests at least...

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Radical Racism in Israel

This interview with Max Blumenthal is highly disturbing-- Netanyahu calls Palestinians the descendents of Nazis, thus justifying their mistreatment. And supposedly Netanyahu is a centrist for Israel!
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"The Ocean Is Broken"

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"The Business of America Is War"

Yes, yes it is. I wish every American knew this sick truth and found it equally appalling.
There is a new normal in America: our government may shut down, but our wars continue.  Congress may not be able to pass a budget, but the U.S. military can still launch commando raids in Libya and Somalia, the Afghan War can still be prosecuted, Italy can be garrisoned by American troops (putting the “empire” back in Rome), Africa can be used as an imperial playground (as in the late nineteenth century “scramble for Africa,” but with the U.S. and China doing the scrambling this time around), and the military-industrial complex can still dominate the world’s arms trade.
In the halls of Congress and the Pentagon, it’s business as usual, if your definition of “business” is the power and profits you get from constantly preparing for and prosecuting wars around the world.  “War is a racket,” General Smedley Butler famously declared in 1935, and even now it’s hard to disagree with a man who had two Congressional Medals of Honor to his credit and was intimately familiar with American imperialism.
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The Holocaust Revisited

I have gone over this issue before, but I found this piece recently, that I think is a good, very concise summation of the case against the prevailing popular view of the Jewish holocaust in WWII.

The one piece of info that was new to me was that the prisoners themselves inflicted much of the worst treatment.
U.S. Army investigators, working at Buchenwald and other camps, quickly ascertained what was common knowledge among veteran inmates: that the worst offenders, the cruelest denizens of the camps were not the guards but the prisoners themselves. Common criminals of the same stripe as those who populate U.S. prisons today committed many villainies, particularly when they held positions of authority, and fanatical Communists, highly organized to combat their many political enemies among the inmates, eliminated their foes with Stalinist ruthlessness.
Two U.S. Army investigators at Buchenwald, Egon W. Fleck and Edward A. Tenenbaum, carefully investigated circumstances in the camp before its liberation. In a detailed report submitted to their superiors, they revealed, in the words of Alfred Toambs, their commander, who wrote a preface to the report, “how the prisoners themselves organized a deadly terror within the Nazi terror.”(12)
Fleck and Tenenbaum described the power exercised by criminals and Communists as follows:
“. . . The trusties, who in time became almost exclusively Communist Germans, had the power of life and death over all other inmates. They could sentence a man or a group to almost certain death . . . The Communist trusties were directly responsible for a large part of the brutalities at Buchenwald.”
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Friday, October 18, 2013

There's Something About 33....

I love how the crew of the ship was 35, but only 33 were arrested:
Indian police Friday arrested and questioned 33 people aboard a ship operated by a U.S. anti-piracy firm for carrying guns and ammunition in Indian waters without proper permits, reports said.
India’s coastguard stopped and detained the ship off the Indian coast on October 12 after discovering the cache of weapons and ammunition, before escorting it to the southern port of Tuticorin.
Police then launched an investigation into the 10 crew and 25 security guards of the Seaman Guard Ohio which is registered in Sierra Leone and belongs to the U.S.-based maritime security firm AdvanFort.
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NSA News Round-Up

Chronic Electrical Failures Plague Massive NSA Data Center in Utah: The Wall Street Journal reports chronic electrical failures have plagued the National Security Agency’s massive new data-storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah, preventing the center from opening, and destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. There have been 10 meltdowns in just over a year that have prevented the NSA from using its computers. Project officials described the malfunctions as "a flash of lightning inside a 2-foot box," saying they spark fiery explosions, melt metal and cost up to $100,000 in damages each. The NSA facility covers more than one million square feet and has a capacity projected to be larger than Google’s biggest data center. 
(maybe it was aliens trying to shut the place down)

And --
NSA Director and Deputy to Leave Agency The White House has confirmed that the director of the National Security Agency, General Keith Alexander, will step down early next year. Alexander has led the NSA since 2005. His deputy, John Inglis, is also expected to leave soon. An NSA spokesperson denied General Alexander’s departure was tied to recent revelations about the NSA’s sweeping spy programs.

The National Security Agency has been extensively involved in the U.S. government's targeted killing program, collaborating closely with the CIA in the use of drone strikes against terrorists abroad, The Washington Post reported after a review of documents provided by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden.

In one instance, an email sent by the wife of an Osama bin Laden associate contained clues as to her husband's whereabouts and led to a CIA drone strike that killed him in Pakistan in October 2012, the Post reported in its online edition Wednesday night....

And speaking of Snowden, more hints of a CIA set-up-- funny how these things keep slipping through the cracks:
WASHINGTON — Just as Edward J. Snowden was preparing to leave Geneva and a job as a C.I.A. technician in 2009, his supervisor wrote a derogatory report in his personnel file, noting a distinct change in the young man’s behavior and work habits, as well as a troubling suspicion.
The C.I.A. suspected that Mr. Snowden was trying to break into classified computer files to which he was not authorized to have access, and decided to send him home, according to two senior American officials.
But the red flags went unheeded. Mr. Snowden left the C.I.A. to become a contractor for the National Security Agency, and four years later he leaked thousands of classified documents. The supervisor’s cautionary note and the C.I.A.’s suspicions apparently were not forwarded to the N.S.A. or its contractors, and surfaced only after federal investigators began scrutinizing Mr. Snowden’s record once the documents began spilling out, intelligence and law enforcement officials said.
“It slipped through the cracks,” one veteran law enforcement official said of the report.
Spokesmen for the C.I.A., N.S.A. and F.B.I. all declined to comment on the precise nature of the warning and why it was not forwarded, citing the investigation into Mr. Snowden’s activities.
Half a dozen law enforcement, intelligence and Congressional officials with direct knowledge of the supervisor’s report were contacted for this article. All of the officials agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity because of the continuing criminal investigation.
In hindsight, officials said, the report by the C.I.A. supervisor and the agency’s suspicions might have been the first serious warnings of the disclosures to come, and the biggest missed opportunity to review Mr. Snowden’s top-secret clearance or at least put his future work at the N.S.A. under much greater scrutiny.
 Speaking of weird government contractors who slipped through security clearances, this video of the Navy Yard shooter is pretty interesting ("my ELF weapon"):
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


ROME (AP) — Italy on Wednesday marked the 70th anniversary of the roundup and deportation of Jews from Rome's ghetto amid turmoil over the late Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke and his Holocaust-denying final statement.
Priebke died Friday in Rome, where he was serving a life term for his role in the 1944 massacre of 335 civilians at the Ardeatine Caves outside the capital. It was one of the worst atrocities of Germany's World War II occupation of Italy.
His death unleashed a torrent of emotion because he left behind a testament in which he not only defended his actions but denied that Jews were gassed in Nazi concentration camps.

More on the cave massacre here. Seems like the Nazis were into 33...
On the following day, March 24, 1944, personnel from the headquarters of the Security Police and SD in Rome, led by SS Captain Erich Priebke and SS Captain Karl Hass, assembled 335 Italian male civilians near a series of man-made caves on the outskirts of Rome on the Via Ardeatina. The Fosse Ardeatine, or Ardeatine Caves, were the remnants of ancient Christian catacombs, and served as a convenient venue to carry out the reprisal shootings in secrecy and to conceal the bodies of the victims. Priebke and Hass had received orders to select the victims from prisoners who had already been sentenced to death; but the number of such prisoners fell well short of the 330 deaths required to meet the quota of the German reprisal plan.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Unprecedented Stupidity of Our Modern Conservatives

I could probably get into the whole shutdown the government thing if they actually defunded the spy agencies and intel community and called for prosecuting some of the many criminals the government has sheltered over the past many many years... but to shut the government down over expanding health insurance access (or whatever they are so bent out of shape about), is just so willfully hateful, ignorant, stupid and obnoxious, it makes my head hurt.

I really have to wonder if ANY political party has EVER been this dumb and incoherent?
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Jesus Christ Was a Roman False Flag Operation

There you go:
Atwill asserts that Christianity did not really begin as a religion, but a sophisticated government project, a kind of propaganda exercise used to pacify the subjects of the Roman Empire. "Jewish sects in Palestine at the time, who were waiting for a prophesied warrior Messiah, were a constant source of violent insurrection during the first century," he explains. "When the Romans had exhausted conventional means of quashing rebellion, they switched to psychological warfare. They surmised that the way to stop the spread of zealous Jewish missionary activity was to create a competing belief system. That's when the 'peaceful' Messiah story was invented. Instead of inspiring warfare, this Messiah urged turn-the-other-cheek pacifism and encouraged Jews to 'give onto Caesar' and pay their taxes to Rome."
Was Jesus based on a real person from history? "The short answer is no," Atwill insists, "in fact he may be the only fictional character in literature whose entire life story can be traced to other sources. Once those sources are all laid bare, there's simply nothing left."
 This does jibe with other things I've read, most notably Earl Doherty's "The Jesus Puzzle".

Isn't all religion ultimately an invented mechanism to pacify the masses?
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

World's Worst People Eat and Drink and Laugh about the Evil They've Done

The Cheney roast-- thoroughly nauseating.

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman “said something to the effect that it’s nice that we’re all here at the Plaza instead of in cages after some war crimes trial,” recalled one person who was there.

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Question of the Day

Will the aliens save us from catastrophic global warming/climate change?

I'm not even joking...

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Who Could Have Ever Predicted It?

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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Loose Change, 3rd Edition

So after all these years I finally watched "Loose Change"...

It wasn't bad... and at least they didn't talk about thermite. The main problem is that it was all old stuff, stuff I'd heard over and over... the same 9/11 conspiracy memes repeated ad nauseum for the past 9 years or so.  Basically, this would make a good "9/11 conspiracy 101" course.
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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Alien Races Book

Interesting stuff, FWIW... I'm sure there's some truth to this, and a certain amount of disinfo.

Apart from some interesting background info, there are supposedly 58 alien races* categorized by the Russians... some examples (click to enlarge):

Interestingly, Clifford Stone of the UFO Disclosure project has claimed that there are 57 alien races.
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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Interview with "Victor" and a Captive Gray Alien

So I watched this...

and this...

My instinct is that the gray alien "EBE" footage is real. That of course has some of my personal bias, since I think there is good evidence these creatures have been visiting us and/or living among us. If it's fake, it's extremely clever and frankly devious, and who really knows. The "Victor" guy seems more or less believable. He's not an obvious phony. So this is all just one of those funny things about the whole ET/UFO field-- lots of seemingly too good to be true stuff and a lot of shadiness. But it's also believable...

Here is the IMDB page for the original movie, still available for sale (e.g. Amazon), for FWIW.
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UFO Are Out There

this sounds about right to me...
you dont have to go on youtube or area 51 to see ufo's, just look up in the sky every night for a month, every night.. and i bet you my 95 trans am you will see one. as i do all the fucking time.
Comment from this Youtube video.

I think these days, just not that many people look into the sky at night on a regular basis. Personally I have become fixated with looking at the sky and looking for flying objects ever since 9/11, and have looked more actively, recently since seeing a couple of "UFOs".
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