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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Loose Change, 3rd Edition

So after all these years I finally watched "Loose Change"...

It wasn't bad... and at least they didn't talk about thermite. The main problem is that it was all old stuff, stuff I'd heard over and over... the same 9/11 conspiracy memes repeated ad nauseum for the past 9 years or so.  Basically, this would make a good "9/11 conspiracy 101" course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

New lengthy overview of 9/11, recommended by David Ray Griffin:

I have not yet made it through streaming the first DVD's worth of video.

It looks like it will not be dealing with theories of unconventional weapons being used to destroy the Twin Towers. Probably will not get into arguments for faked plane strikes. I'm learning some things I didn't know, but I also feel a little frusrated with some of the rough edges in the evidence that appeared to be smoothed out in order to build an overall narrative. Maybe that's inevitable for this type of documentary.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is quite good overall, but most annoying background music ever, played over and over again. Why do they do this to us?

12:35 PM  

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