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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why It's Difficult to Photograph UFOs or Capture Them on Video

While there are many famous films and photos of UFOs, there aren't that many compared to he thousands of sightings every year. Further, some of the bona fide classic UFOs images are probably fake. Other images may not be fake, but appear to be good to be true, such as the Billy Meier photos and the Gulf Breeze shots. In these cases, there may be some level of extraordinary contact with the ETs and these are anomalous examples. To make things worse, many newer images out there are definitely faked, not surprising given the ease of digital fakery in recent years.

Nonetheless, I've heard so many times, why aren't there good images of UFOs?

In the past 6 years I have had three UFO sightings, two of them recently, so I can offer some thoughts on how getting UFOs captured by camera is not a simple matter. By UFO, literally I mean there was a strange object in the sky that was not obviously an airplane or copter or balloon or some candle parachute or other simple man-made object.

For two of these sightings, the main thing is they happened extremely fast-- just one or two seconds.  By the time you realize you are seeing something extraordinary, the thing is gone. There is just no time to get a camera out.

For another one of these, it was dim in the night sky, and all I had was my cell phone camera. It just couldn't capture the image, due to the lighting and it being small.

Because of my interest in the 9/11 plane videos and pictures, I also have tried to get pictures of low flying planes, mostly using my cell phone camera but also with a regular camera a few times. The result is that I find it is extremely hard to locate an object in the sky with a camera view finder, much less track it. So this does add another layer of suspicion to all those amazing, perfectly framed images of the 2nd plane. And when I have been able to get a plane in my camera shot, it is really small in the overall scene! So it is incredibly difficult to get a big, detailed image of even a large airplane in the sky.

Thus, there are several reasons for people not being able to get UFOs by camera:
1) not enough time to get out a camera for many events that are just quick sightings
2) the camera may not be good enough quality to capture the UFO image, particularly if it is a cell phone camera, which is the most common kind these days
3) it is hard to locate and track moving objects in the sky by camera
4) even if an UFO is captured, it may be just a tiny image with no detail


Anonymous joe said...

spooked, why are you, I, or anyone still trying to photograph a UFO? It will always be no more than that, unidentified. there are overwhelming reports from credible witnesses that beings from other planets are here and have been working with the military for 50 years.
the refusal to verify the ET evidence keeps us centered in the "UFO" discussion.


12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your points are well taken, but many UFOs are said to hover for varying periods of time before scooting away,
and surely there are people with ready access to high-resolution police, media, and military facilities.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

photos of ufos

7:46 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

I'm just trying to point out why there are not MORE good UFO images. Clearly whatever authorities might take such shots would not release them to the public as such.

And clearly this is not the most critical issue with UFO, just my thoughts on this matter. I've heard debunkers ask why there aren't good UFO pictures, so was trying to address that.

1:22 PM  

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