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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Was 9/11 a Paranormal Event?

I know this sounds crazy... and as I type this I look out my window and see a full moon (honest to god).... but....

There's no doubt 9/11 was an event of high strangeness.

For over 10 years now, I have studied the oddities of 9/11, and there are just too many freaking oddities in the whole thing.

The "official story" is obviously crap.

But the planes, the planes, the planes ... It's like the planes were both there, and not there.

There was of course, the ghost plane, which has all the aspects of a paranormal event, in so many ways-- ghostly appearance, lack of any logical explanation, witnesses both saw it and didn't see it.

The crash scenes fit some sort of plane, but also don't make sense for a plane. They have a fake yet real aspect, that is hard to capture in words.

The "Flight 93"crash site:
It's spooky.

Obviously, the no-planes hypothesis holds that this was all faked.

But how was this even faked? It's really like there was a plane that was half in our reality, and half out of our reality.

I've actually thought for a long time there's just something super unreal-- surreal-- with every 9/11 site.

It does seem as if some paranormal entity tampered with every 9/11 disaster site, and "poofed" stuff away: plane parts, WTC debris, passengers, etc. "Poofed" as in moved into another dimension or teleported elsewhere.

If ETs are here, and the evil ET's are fucking with us, can we really put it past them that they would make something like 9/11 so freaking weird?

Then there are the amazing number of 9/11 synchronicities... and improbabilities and coincidences and premonitions. (Just a few here.) How was this possibly planned?

Remembered about 5 years ago I had this email exchange with Marcus Icke:

(me) Do you think there could have been some mystical type events on 9/11, like at the WTC; the plane hits and the "collapses" still defy logic and science. On the other hand, it's almost impossible to believe it was all planned fakery.
(Icke) 911 was a ritual sacrafice, it's temporal location based on the position of objects in the heavens (to optimise the effect of the trauma). They put their cabalsitic numbers all over the operation and laughed at us with the name, 911. They used 7/7 over here but it perhaps should have been 9/9/9. 999 is what you dial in the U.K. for police, fire or ambulence. The science used in 911 exceeds the knowledge base of "convential wisdom" - that is why we are all (still) scratchhing our heads. Hope that helps!?

I basically dropped this idea at the time, but lately have been wondering more about this sort of thing...


Blogger anonymous wak said...

flight 93 landed safely in cinncinati or cleveland or somewhere.
that weird dent in the ground was already there before 9/11.
the yellow jacket guys pretending to recover plane parts were just
a photo op to bolster the ridiculous official fairy tale.
i aint afraid of no ghosts.

1:36 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

"i aint afraid of no ghosts."


I think Marcus Icke told me a long time ago he thought there were paranormal aspects to 9/11, but I didn't quite buy it. Now I think he had a good point.

Note, I'm not saying 9/11 wasn't an inside job, or that there was no video fakery and demolition and all that horrible stuff I've documented here over the years.

I am saying that there seems to be some extra "magick" or almost mystical aspect to the whole thing, because no ordinary humans could have planned the whole thing the way it worked out.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Arab News update said...

I read news in Arab News Update about 9/11 so i think it was a dangerous tragedy in whole world specially in America and 15 years have passed of this incident but still people remember it.

5:26 AM  

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