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Sunday, December 13, 2015

No Plane Hit the Pentagon

A composite of several photos showing the overall damage to the Pentagon facade:

That hole in the second story is 17.5 feet wide, if we assume 12 foot floor heights.

I see several anomalies here that are inconsistent with a 757 hit. A couple of big anomalies are the lack of marks from the impact of the huge 757 tail section, and that windowless section on the right hand side that simply looks bombed out on the first and second floor. A third big anomaly is the square hole on the second floor with the center piece dangling down. More thoughts on this here.

Higher res of the facade damage (click to enlarge):

And then this for the plane perspective (click to enlarge):

Need I point out how much of the tail and wings don't fit into this hole and yet there was no evidence of pieces of these sections on the Pentagon lawn?

It's quite ludicrous.

Nonetheless, the fakers did a good job setting up the plane path illusion-- the downed light poles, the various pieces of plane debris, the line of damage inside the building, the damaged generator, the witnesses who claim they saw the plane hit the building or plane sections inside the building, and the passenger remains scattered inside in the Pentagon (with a bizarrely high number found in the "exit hole").

The damage to the generator is one of the big outstanding mysteries, since it shows something flying towards it and hitting it, as well as disproves the official story. My guess it's more clever fakery.

Overall, there seems to have been a fly-by/fly-over of a large plane over the Pentagon, that many witnesses saw, but importantly, that plane came from the wrong angle.

The damage to the Pentagon wall must have been from clever use of explosives, planted during renovations of the section, much like what happened at the WTC.


Anonymous Joe B said...

I have many many pages of info like you seek. ever read the "911 fir dummies" report? I have it somewhere, the woman explains all about the Pentagram incident, how two helicopters landed there, one was crashed, and that was the fire/smoke you see.
have not commented here for couple years, been gone.
Joe B

12:53 PM  

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