Humint Events Online: Ken Jenkins and David Chandler: Pentagon Plane-Shills

Friday, December 04, 2015

Ken Jenkins and David Chandler: Pentagon Plane-Shills

I forced myself to watch this yesterday:

The first 30 minutes or so is a long compilation of witnesses to the Pentagon crash. My main thoughts about that are:
1) I'm amazed how many people knew what a 757 looked like from a plane rushing in like that.
2) wow, they had a lot of shills. Some of the witnesses were probably ordinary folks fooled by the fly-by and other trickery of the Pentagon hit, but there seemed to be a lot of true shills, in the sense that they just gave out the official story in too neat of a format. And the question always was-- how did the media find these "witnesses" exactly?

The 2nd half is classic shillery from David Chandler. I had a certain amount of respect for Chandler's work on WTC demolition, even though he promoted the thermite crap. But I thought his explanations of demolition were good and he didn't push thermite too heavily.

Here though, Chandler shows himself to be a fucking dupe or sell-out. He falls for every single fucking official Pentagon-hit fake clue out there.

Some of the huge obvious holes in his presentation are:

1) not discussing the Pentagon fly-over theory plus pre-planted bombs. Instead he discusses an absurd theory NO ONE really proposes at this point, that a helicopter shot down the plane in front of the Pentagon. This by itself, just shows what a massive shill he is.

2) he tries to shoot down the idea that the attack was really at 9:30, with some silly argument about falling wall clocks. Chandler REALLY needs to see Barbara Honegger's presentation on the Pentagon and especially the time.  The wrong time reported for the Pentagon-hit is based on far more than a falling wall clock.

3) he ignores the obvious problems with the damage scene at the Pentagon being from a plane hit, he ignores April Gallop's story and ignores basically every other piece of evidence against no plane strike

4) he uncritically present the ridiculous Lloyde England light-pole into cab story

5) he talks about a "glitch" in the FDR data showing the plane being too high to hit the Pentagon, but still ignores the fly-over story.

Overall, a classic bit of fucked up shillery, as he pretends to be a serious scientist. What a wanker.


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