Humint Events Online: Is Ptech Connected to 9/11?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Is Ptech Connected to 9/11?

The software company Ptech was in the news a couple of years back as having terrorist links and possible connections to 9/11. Indeed, the company is owned by a Saudi national, Yasin al-Qadi, named by the Bush Administration as a financial backer of the al-Qaeda terrorist network. The company is a military contractor, and apparently has clearance to work on classified material. Most strikingly, Ptech had access to FAA computers, which in theory means they could have had inside information about wargames that were run on 9/11, since the FAA must have been alerted at some level about these exercises. Thus, Ptech could have known about the wargames, and then passed this information onto the hijackers.

So-- is this a major part of what wrong on 9/11? In theory, the Ptech connection could explain how the hijackers managed to hijack so four planes and encounter such a confused response from the FAA and NORAD-- because the hijackers knew of the ongoing wargames. This theory would validate the official story to a large extent, right?

On the other hand, this story would clearly be a major embarrassment for the US government-- to have a such a fatal security breach. Is this why the stories and investigation into Ptech have been essentially muted? Or is there some covert aspect to this story-- is this company a CIA front, and the CIA used this company to help plan the 9/11 attacks? Or is this some sort of disinformation-- a new cover story in case the official 9/11 story springs a major leak? Or is it a combination of these things?

Questions, questions, so few answers.

I'm interested to see if Mike Ruppert has anything to say about Ptech in his book, or if anyone else really knows what Ptech was doing.


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My one & only post to a blog I setup a year & a half ago was on Ptech FYI:

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