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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More Thoughts on the Pentagon Hit

I'm still thinking something very strange happened at the Pentagon on 9/11-- something contrary to the official story. What I have been thinking about for the past day or so is this: did the plane explode OUTSIDE or INSIDE the Pentagon?

If the plane exploded outside, we would expect a LOT more debris outside, so this couldn't have happened. Unless there were special explosives that truly shattered the plane into teeny tiny bits. But this invokes a conspiracy involving planted explosives.

If the plane exploded inside or halfway in, this would explain the lack of debris outside. However, how could the entry hole be so small if the plane exploded AFTER entering the wall? Wouldn't an inside explosion have the effect of making the entry hole bigger? Plus, once the plane had penetrated, there would be less oxygen to fuel a massive explosion from the jet fuel. So this doesn't make sense either.

So what DID happen?

Possible theories:
1) a "plane bomb" a la Eric Bart (see a few posts below)
2) a military jet loaded with ordinance or a cruise missile (here we need to postulate an overfly by an American airlines jet).

Clealry, these theories involve a fairly extensive conspiracy. However, I see no other truly valid theory.

These alternative theories have the added benefit of negating the idea that Hani Hanjour, who basically could not fly a plane, flew American Flight 77 in a tight descending spiral and then made an extremely tight hit on the Pentagon wall.

Is it worth contacting government agenices using the FOIA to ask them about the Pentagon crash?


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