Humint Events Online: The Berkeley Study Showing Abnormal Gains for Bush in E-voting Counties in Florida

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Berkeley Study Showing Abnormal Gains for Bush in E-voting Counties in Florida

First off, I am not a statistician, so I can't make sense of their data.

Crooked Timber has a post analyzing the study, and it is worth a read. The most interesting point I think, is that the abnormal increase in Bush votes really came from two counties: Broward and Palm Beach. Thus, there is not a general trend towards extra Bush votes in all e-voting counties.

Assuming THAT analysis is correct, we therefore have to postulate either that:
a) there was e-vote fraud in just these two counties, or
b) there was a true increase in Bush votes in those counties.

The second possibility could be explained by an increase in Bush support from Jews in those two counties (which do have high numbers of Jews). It's possible-- but such a huge increase?

I also need to note that these are two of the largest and most Democratic counties using the electronic voting systems-- so they are ripe targets for machine-assisted vote "switching".

Overall, I still find it hard to believe that Bush got so much extra support in this election. Maybe it IS true and I just don't want to accept the fact that a majority of this country supports Bush and his dishonest and disastrous policies. But maybe there was rampant funny business.

Of course, this speculation would all be moot, if the exit polls WEREN'T so screwy OR if we had a GOOD EXPLANATION for why the exit polls WERE so screwy in many states.

There is also the sinister comment made by Representative Peter King (see here) that the Republicans would win because they would be in charge of counting the votes.

My basic premise is that these Republicans are radicals, and they will do anything to hold onto power. And we know there was clear black voter suppression in Ohio. Thus, unless someone can show me otherwise, I will continue to maintain the theory that there was some sort of vote counting fraud in this election.

But then again-- I am just a wacky conspiracy theorist. So who wants to listen to what I say?


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