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Monday, January 31, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing?

Am I wasting time even discussing the flight 93 crash (see my previous post)?


But I still think there are oddities.

One new idea I had for the impact of the plane is that the plane indeed burrowed into the ground deeply-- such that just the very tail end was sticking out-- and then this is disturbing, but may have been what happened-- the fuel exploded using primarily the air inside the fuselage, and what may have happened is that the very end of the plane opened up and the fuselage acted a bit like a rocket tube-- wherein the explosion shot out of the end of the fuselage, spraying fire and debris and human remains back from the direction the plane came from. The bit of the plane that WAS sticking out then got completely demolished by the explosion. The large engine piece could have been blown back by the wing exploding, and the furrowed ground may have acted to propel the engine piece back out the way it came in. And given the violence of the crash, then maybe it is not too surprising a thousand pound piece of debris gets thrown a few hundred feet.

So, this may be the explanation for the crater and the debris in the woods. The explosion may have rocketed backwards out the direction the plane came-- say a 60 degree angle.

However, it does NOT explain the debris, including human remains, found at Indian Lake three miles east of the crash site. Nor does it explain witnesses seeing a plane fly over the lake, nor does it explain Edwards Felt's phone call from the plane who thought for sure the plane was damaged before it went down.

So there are still some unresolved issues.

Maybe it is much ado about something after all.


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