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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Identifying The Planes That Hit The WTC

A video taken on 9/11 shows a Boeing aircraft part near the WTC.

The part is like a lever or brace, about a foot long, roughly, it has a bolt of one end.

Here's a close-up of the part.

The part says:

I believe CSTG means "casting".

I found that flight 11 was:
Boeing 767 Serial number 22322, Tail Number 767-223ER N334AA, operated by the American Airlines.

Flight 175 was:
Boeing 767 SerialNumber 21873, Tail Number 767-222 N612UA, operated by the United Airlines.

Airplane part numbers are tracked very carefully for safety reasons-- you want to be able to indentify a faulty part very easily and where similar parts might have been used.

We have the plane tail numbers and serial numbers. If we had the right database, we would simply have to do a cross-reference search on the part serial number with the plane number.

There are a lot of aircraft parts stores on the web, I tried doing some searching but couldn't find anything close to the part. I think one needs one of the airlines' databases or an FAA database.

Obviously, the big question is if the part matches up to the right plane. Then at least we can settle the plane swapping issue, for at least one flight. So I think this is important to resolve.

If there is anyone out there who knows how to search for these things, please let me know what you can find.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not ask karl, I heard he knows parts

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