Humint Events Online: A Very Obscure and Very Interesting Story from September 11

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Very Obscure and Very Interesting Story from September 11

-- the fire at the Old Executive Office Building next to the White House, causing it to be evacuated. (Note on the link: scroll down the page for mainstream links to the story. In the interview at the top, Meyssan was right about the building being ugly and about it being on fire, but wrong about it being destroyed.)

Clearly the chances of this being an accidental fire that morning are very slight. So it was another attack on a major governmental office.

Washington DC was in turmoil that morning. The White House and OEB were evacuated, Congress was also evacuated, the Pentagon was bombed and evacuated, some sort of bomb went off near the State Department, and the National Reconnaissance Office building outside of DC was also evacuated because of a plane into building drill.

So-- who would sabotage the OEB and why?

Since this building is where the VP office is, were they going after Cheney too?

I wonder if this is why Cheney got so freaked out after 9/11, and why he went into hiding so much.


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