Humint Events Online: "Mama D" Rocks the House!!!!!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

"Mama D" Rocks the House!!!!!!!

This sounds awesome: "Mama D gives Chris Shays Holy Hell for Accusing Katrina Victims of Lying About Racism, Levee Bomb and Ethnic Cleansing"....This was the most amazing hearing. If you didn't see it yesterday look for it to repeat. The Congressmen tried to get Mama D to not go overtime and she scolded them, saying she came up from N'awlins with a list of complaints from fellow victims and she is going to read ALL of them.

Then she accused Chris Shays of accusing the victims of lying about police pointing M-16s at 5 year olds, of perfectly fine housing projects that Bush had steel-plated and closed, of a LEVEE BOMB (and she went "BA-BOOOOOM! right in the hearing room), of concentration camp tactics on the I-10 Causeway, of outright Ethnic Cleansing.
Thank god someone is speaking truth to power, since the media sure the hell isn't doing much of it.


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