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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Refighting the Vietnam War --

this time to "win" and show how tough America is. This now clearly seems to be a major motivation for the Iraq war, both for Bush and the neocons.

Refighting the Vietnam war is yet another reason for the Iraq conflict.

That makes three official, and 12 unofficial (more likely reasons).

I think these are the top five reasons:
1) help conservative domestic agenda-- helping Bush get re-elected and helping Republican take-over of congress
2) Bush wanting to "make history" by being a famous war president
3) Re-fight the Vietnam war to show how tough America is
4) oil
5) imperialism


Blogger Chronicles from the Panopticon said...

6) Destroy the craddle of the heavyweight Muslim worldwide population
7) Keep Iraq from pumping oil into the world economies and keep prices high - thus making Cheney and the likes VERY happy about it.
8) Setup military bases
9) Weakening the country so other things like 9/11 happens again - without too much of their input this time.
10) Make Russia, China sweat enough about loosing their grip on the middle-eastern oil so they start another massive weapons race - making other Bush friends happy once again

Note that different factions in the administration can have different motives also...

7:32 PM  
Blogger Donald Hunt said...

Don't forget, "Because Israel wants us to."

2:42 PM  
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