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Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Proof of Video Fakery?

Previously I found an anomaly in the 2nd hit videos that "Webfairy" has collected. The anomaly is in terms of the timing of when the explosion in the building occurs compared to when the plane goes in. I think this is due to inexact splicing of the plane footage into the explosion footage, timing wise. However, it is possible that the speed of the video is irregular, and that this anomaly is just an artefact, though different times were seen in three different videos.

But now I think I see something even more glaring and conclusive of video forgery. Right after the 2nd hit "plane" goes in, there are some dust pimples that appear on the east face of the tower that then turn into a fiery explosion. I was trying to figure out what floor of the tower these pimples occur on by looking at different videos, and I noticed that in some videos, the plane goes in at a level right near where the pimples start, and in other videos, the plane goes in at a level significantly lower than where the pimples start.

Check it out:
a) pimples on east face appear higher than where plane goes in here and here.

b) pimples on east face appear on same level as where plane goes in here and here.

I think again, this discrepency is due to inexact splicing of the computer generated image plane onto the tower at different angles-- and it probably was hard to line the plane up exactly on the tower, since there are almost no distinguishing marks on the tower. Thus, there is some "play" in where the plane goes in with regard to exactly where the explosion begins.

Another interesting fact is that the pimples start at floor 83-- which coincidentally was an unoccupied floor. Yet officially the body of the plane, including the starboard engine, hit between floors 81 and 82. So floor 83 would seem to be the perfect place to plant the explosives. Indeed, the explosion appears to start on floor 83, then shoots out at floor 81-82.

So, who going to believe? Me, saying that videos showing a plane hitting the WTC south tower are fake? Or this guy?


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