Humint Events Online: Weird Second Hit Video

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Weird Second Hit Video

A long level shot from the east.


1) why is the plane so dark when the sun should be shining right on it from that side?

2) when the camera pans to the right after the beginning of the explosion, what is that odd thing floating in the air?

3) is the plane path shown here the same one as shown here?
In the side view, the plane seems to be fairly level before it slowly rolls to the left and then hits. In the frontal view one here, the plane descends quite dramatically, and then immediately rolls to the left and then hits.

Update: I think the two videos are more-or-less in agreement, since the "blue plane" video is about three-times faster than the dark plane one. The long low dark plane one perhaps shows the last five seconds or so of the "blue plane" video before the plane hits.

The questions still remain about the coloring and the weird floating object though.

Also very convenient how the spire covers the entry site in the dark plane video.

Finally, there is the strange camera point-of-view in the "blue-plane" video, where the camera seems to move alongside the plane, and the plane hardly is affect by perspective.


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