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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Letter to Barbara Boxer from "George Washington"

Dear Senator Boxer,

I am writing to thank you for stating that you will investigate 9/11 "wherever it leads". As someone who has researched 9/11 for several years, I can assure you that the Able Danger program is only the tip of the iceberg. Please have your staff review the evidence provided at to justify this assertion.

You also, apparently, stated that ending the war in Iraq is a higher priority for you. While I respect your intention -- and also think we should extricate ourselves from Iraq -- I would respectfully argue that waiting on your efforts regarding 9/11 would be a grave tactical mistake.

Specifically, the administration's false claims linking Iraq and 9/11 helped convince a large portion of the American public to invade Iraq. While the focus now may be on false WMD claims, it is important to remember that, at the time, the Iraq-911 link was at least as important in many people's minds as a reason to invade Iraq.

Moreover, the trauma of September 11, 2001 is what galvanized many Americans to rally around the Bush administration in general, to close ranks in time of peril, and to give Bush his "mandate" (putting questions of election fraud to the side). Ever since 9/11, the American people have been terrified -- and thus irrational -- based upon the trauma of the vicious attacks. Since most Americans believe that the bad guys are "out there" and are about to get us unless we have a strong leader to fight them, they will not and CANNOT make any logical decisions about any other foreign or domestic issues -- including withdrawl from Iraq -- until "we get the bad guys".

Indeed, the WMD hoax probably would not have worked if it wasn't for the anti-Arab hysteria after September 11th. And the government policy of torture would not have been tolerated if we weren't misled into thinking that Saddam and Al-Qaeda had formed an unholy, all-powerful alliance on 9/11, and had to be stopped at any costs. Thus, I would argue that the Saddam-911 deception was necessary a precursor to the administration's WMD lies and torture policies. (truncated)
Good stuff, I only hope her people are open-minded enough to check this out.


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