Humint Events Online: Bush Admitting He Authorized These Wiretaps

Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush Admitting He Authorized These Wiretaps

reminds me of Clinton going on national TV admitting he had an affair. He is 'fessing up, but he still broke the law-- and he knows it.

Watching him answering questions: what a fucking asshole. He's wagging the finger of national security in our face. Helping the enemy, indeed. He's the enemy.

"Secret Prisons - Where People Have Been Tortured - That's Unacceptable"
What an asshole.

Come on. The government is not just repeating the targeting of political opponents a la J. Edgar Hoover or Richard Nixon. It is not picking out a Seymour Hersh or a Cindy Sheehan to find their links to foreign influences nor seeking to ruin their lives by developing incriminating evidence on them.
How the fuck do we even KNOW this? I bet dollars to donuts the Bush administration IS targeting political opponents under cover of this secret "program". What a bunch of criminals.


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