Humint Events Online: What the Illegal Bush Wiretaps Were Likely All About:

Saturday, December 17, 2005

What the Illegal Bush Wiretaps Were Likely All About:

seeing what people in the US knew about who was really behind 9/11. These weren't terrorists they were spying on, I bet these were people who may have had info about the Bush administration being involved in 9/11. This is why they wanted to keep the wiretaps secret.

Remember, torture isn't used to obtain information-- it's used to elicit false testimony that supports the "official" story (whatever that may be).

So very likely, these wiretaps weren't used to obtain information-- they were used to find out who had info that didn't support the "official" 9/11 story.

Note: I doubt Bush knew this was the reason. They probably just told him they had to do this to get the "bad guys".

Update: there's absolutely no doubt this illegal spying occurred, Bush has admitted it. And, even if he didn't know what the purpose was, he's still a giant asshole.

Further update: I agree with this Kos posting-- this is a serious moment of truth for this country. I hope to god we are up to the challenge of this most unlawful of administrations.


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