Humint Events Online: The NSA Has Been Indirectly Spying on Americans for Year Via the Echelon Network

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The NSA Has Been Indirectly Spying on Americans for Year Via the Echelon Network

So it makes me wonder what this new revelation about Bush authorizing warrantless spying is really all about* (see here for more about Echelon).

Sadly, I suspect some game is being played here by "the powers that be" (US Gov't and NYTimes):

Acknowledgment + Confirmation - Outrage = Normalization

They are now dismantling the whole Constitution right in front of us-- making the whole thing seem "natural"-- once the shock and outrage goes away.

Today we had the spectacle of Bush admitting the whole thing and essentially bragging about it. Shoving it in our faces.

This whole thing stinks.

But... still, I think this will push a lot of people over the edge. Not very many people know about Echelon. And the idea that Bush knowingly ordered this spying will be very chilling to millions of Americans. It could well lead to his impeachment if Democrats get back in power-- or if Republicans somehow regain their sense of honor.

One weird thing about Bush is the way he glorifies in all this abhorrent behaviour on the part of the US-- the stuff that we hid in our closet (torture, illegal spying, etc), he now comes out and shoves in our face and essentially dares us to do something about it-- like he's picking a fight. I don't quite get his game.

Because he could lose VERY badly over this. And I hope he does. Because otherwise our country is a sick mockery of itself.

*I think there is much more to this than just the NYTimes reporter wanting to sell his book.

UPDATE: One reason the Echelon program doesn't raise so much outcry, as far as I can tell, is that it essentially spies on EVERYONE (in theory). Whereas clearly what Bush was doing was specifically targetted at certain people.


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