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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Commentary Round-up


Blogger Spooked said...

Hi Pinch.

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Blogger Spooked said...

Okay, let me clarify something about what I said about Jones.

First of all, I had reservations about linking to that essay which basically trashes Jones. And while the essay may be unfair to Jones, I linked to it because it is information that is worth knowing.

Second of all, I realize Jones put a lot on the line, as a professional scientist, to come out on this subject. I admire what he did.

Third of all, Jones is still right about demolition. The only issue is that he took a lot of credit for ideas that many other people have worked on.

Lastly, in the 9/11 business, we have to be careful of people who may have other agendas, especially people who may promote a "limited hangout" of 9/11 such as there was controlled demolition of the WTC towers but the rest of 9/11 was like the official story. We have to be wary of latecomers who strongly espouse a limited view of the attacks.

Jones may well be totally on the level, but the point is that I also respect Gerard Holmgren very much, and I thought it was important to hear what he had to say about Jones.

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