Humint Events Online: A 767 Impact on the South Tower Would Have Impacted the Core

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A 767 Impact on the South Tower Would Have Impacted the Core

I put this diagram together of a 767 impacting the south WTC tower (as we all saw on TeeVee many times):

The plane alignment is based on this FEMA/NIST diagram (click to enlarge; sorry, don't know what's going on with the picture formatting):

Note: THE FUSELAGE IMPACTS BETWEEN TWO FLOORS, meaning the fuselage directly impacted a floor slab.

This picture shows how massive the core columns were (click to enlarge; sorry, don't know what's going on with the picture formatting):

The tall beam on the right-hand corner of the core area shows a core beam quite well. These were HUGE, THICK and STRONG construction-grade steel columns. A plane wouldn't have much of a chance against a couple of these. Certainly, they would have ripped the starbaord wing from the fuselage.

So, even saying that a huge 767 could have caved in one or two of these beams, how likely is it that a 767 would smash through the outer wall, smash into these core beams and NOT EVEN SLOW OR EXPLODE AT THE POINT OF CONTACT??????

If you look at the link, the plane should be contacting the core at frame 6, and slowing by frame 7, and exploding by frame 9. If you click through, there is no explosion until frame 35, and this is on the other side of the building!


There are several other interesting questions that arise from this finding:
1) the plane hits essentially straight on in the video (wings are parallel to the wall), and so should have emerged directly out the opposite side as it entered. Why does the main fireball come out ONLY on the northeast corner of the building (i.e. nothing shoots out from the direct opposite side of where the plane goes in)?
2) what happens to the rest of the plane if only the starboard wing and engine smash through to the northeast corner (if we assume the core columns prevent the fuselage from breaking off to the southeast)?
3) how could the starboard wing and engine produce all the explosion and pieces of debris seen coming out of the building?
4) why do so many people think the fuselage missed the core? Is this simply because it is the only way to explain all the debris that comes out the northeast corner?
5) what exactly caused the first little dimply explosions that appeared on the east wall after the "plane" entered? The wing-tip is the only thing close, and seems unlikely to produce so much damage.

Doesn't the fact that the plane didn't slow or explode upon impacting the core PROVE something very STRANGE happened here-- such as perhaps there was no plane at all?

Some good pictures of the aftermath of the South tower and North tower hits are here. Curious how much of the aluminum "cladding" around the outer wall of the south tower is bent OUTWARDS.

Update: I noticed southeast should be northeast corner, and this was corrected in the original post.


Anonymous pinch said...

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9:31 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...


The reason I deleted some of your posts a while back was two-fold:
1) it really wasn't polite to come to my "place" and start mocking me
2) I was hoping you would get the message that you weren't wanted and that you would go away.

If you actually have something substantive to say, I have no problem with you commenting here. But simply taunting me and mocking me is not welcome.

10:11 AM  
Blogger S. King said...

What we can say with certainty is that you have no case for the "no plane" assertion.

10:27 PM  

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