Humint Events Online: No Planes Hit the WTC Towers?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

No Planes Hit the WTC Towers?

A summary of the evidence for no planes:

1) flight 11 never took off, and the flight that was labelled flight 11 by air traffic control was 10 miles from manhattan at 8:46am

2) for a few reasons, the footage of flight 175 hitting the south tower is clearly fake

3) in the footage of both strikes, the planes slide into the towers without slowing-- this is impossible according to laws of physics

4) No black boxes were found at ground zero (officially). It's not that boxes were found where the data was destroyed-- NO BOXES WERE FOUND AT ALL. These devices are meant to withstand incredibly extreme conditions.

5) plane wings shouldn't slice through the steel beams of the WTC and leave a perfect imprint

6) almost no plane parts were found in the WTC rubble that was SIFTED for human remains

7) witnesses exist who saw the south tower explode but didn't see a plane

8) plane parts, such as the too small engine found in the streets of lower Manhattan, look planted. Why would they need to plant plane parts if real planes were used?

9) a good case for no planes can be made at the Pentagon or Shanksville; why would planes be used to strike the WTC and not these other sites?

10) unlikely the terrorists could have piloted planes so effectively; logistically, using missiles/pre-planted bombs easier to control than real commercial planes

Summary of the evidence for planes:

1) the gov't told us there were planes; the news media repeated this as fact

2) a plane was shown hitting the South WTC tower on TV, many times, from many angles

3) the Naudet movie of first hit appears real and appears to show a plane hitting the North tower

4) witnesses claim to have seen planes

5) some plane parts were found


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