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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

At Least One of These Videos Must Be Fake

This one or this one.

Here is my analysis showing that there is a major discrepency in the flight paths between these videos of the second hit. Thus, at least one of the videos is wrong, if not both. And if ONE video was faked, why was it done and what does it say about other second hit videos?

The grey squares represent the south tower of the WTC. The dotted line represents where the plane went behind the building and is a surmised path.

Note-- even if you don't believe the differences in angle to the WTC, there is absolutely no denying that one video shows the plane coming in flat ("Big Fake") while the other shows the plane descending considerably right before impact ("Blue Plane").


Blogger batcave911 said...

ive been saying this for awhile, but never had the timeand expertise to format it this well.
a few of these videos HAD to be fake. (for some reason or another)
ive been trying to stay out of the plane -no-plane debate,
but i still feel several videos were fake.
some of the
photos of flight 175 as well.

also, dont forget there was
another plane near the WTC when 175 hit

now, try to add

THIS photo

in the mix...

also see...
WTC plane photos
at different angles for comparison

10:50 PM  

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