Humint Events Online: Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Extreme Weirdness in the First Hit

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Extreme Weirdness in the First Hit

This is an analysis of frames 50-58 from the Naudet capture of the first hit-- images taken from here.

Frame 50-- The object here looks roughly plane-like, there is a faint left-wing. Is the nose of the "plane" just penetrating the wall here?

Frame 51-- The object has become extremely distorted in this frame, with only the fainstest whispers of wings. Most importantly, there some sort of explosive flash here!

Frame 52-- The object looks extremely strange here. There is no trace of wings at all. There appears to be an explosion cloud developing UNDER where the "fuselage is entering the building". This is in large contrast to the second hit there was no explosion at the point of entry until the end. The "tail" has barely seemed to have moved in these three frames.

Frame 53-- Again, the "tail" still hasn't moved much, and there is only the faintest whisper of wings (shorter than before). The explosive cloud has shifted shape dramatically, producing a different, broader shadow.

Frame 54-- The tail has still barely moved, seemingly. Even more striking, the explosive cloud has developed a bizarre, very hard edge, leaving a very large dark shadow.

Frame 55-- The tail has still barely seemed to move. The shadow has grown even bigger and more strange-looking. Are new explosions developing next to the fuselage, about where the engines would be? Or have the wings suddenly reappeared?

Frame 56-- Has the tail gone in a little more now? Why has it lost shape? Why does it look like so far to the left now? The explosion on the left has moved somewhat. And suddenly a long wing-like shadow devleops on the right side. What is casting this shadow??? Are there new explosions on the right side? Any plane wing should have gone in or broken off by now. Is something large shooting out of the impact area-- the pointy, white object and creating that pointy shadow?

Frame 57-- Is the tail mostly gone now??? Is there any "plane" visible or is it all explosion? The right side shadow has faded some and become detached from the rest of the impact.

Frame 58-- The tail appears to be gone. Just an explosive cloud in the middle now, probably projecting out of the building a ways judging from the shadow. The right-side shadow is gone. Some stuff still happening on the left side, extending out quite far.

A close-up of the complete strike can be seen here.

CONCLUSION: Contrary to Webfairy and Holmgren, I do think the flying object looks like a plane when it is in the air. Like many people, I think it is clear that the plane is smaller than a 767. The real weirdness starts when the plane hits the building. The sequence is quite different from the second hit, where the plane glides in without any significant explosion.

I calculated the speed of this 1st hit plane, and it also doesn't slow much when it hits the building. It goes in in about 8 frames at most, and the plane in the air takes 12 frames to cross its length. The main problem is determining when the plane has gone all the way in as explosions greatly distort the view of the plane. What is strange is the way the tail never clearly enters the building, and seems to hang there for a time.

Overall, in contrast to the 2nd hit, the 1st hit looks somewhat more like you would expect a real plane to act when it crashes into a large steel frame building-- with large explosions developing immediately around where the plane goes in, and some distortion of the airplane's frame (the tail seems to jerk around a bit and slow down speed). Unfortunately we only have one low resolution video of this event, and so we cannot draw too many conclusions. The truly strange thing about this video is how the wings disappear, and this is why some people think the first hit was from a missile or a cluster of missile-like objects. I think it is possible this thing was a hologram-cloaked missile, where pre-planted bombs extended the wing damage.

The major conundrums are: why the plane looks small, what happens to the wings, and if it is a small plane, how does it leave a big imprint in the wall? There is also the bizarreness of the explosions (assuming that these are explosions)-- in terms of how quickly they change shape and cast large shadows.

Of course, this last question gets into the whole issue of whether plane wings could actually slice through the steel columns of the WTC wall (see here and here for instance). I think this is unlikely, as I have explained in previous posts. This is one more reason why I posit pre-planted explosives and a missile which has been "cloaked" to look like a plane.


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Anonymous James Ha said...

that IS extreme weirdness!
I think you're doing a good job spooked; asking the right questions in the right manner - keep at it please!

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