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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Extra Weirdness

Following up on this post here on why the initial CNN footage of the second hit is suspicious, there is one other thing that makes the "live first hit" footage suspicious.

Specifically, RIGHT AFTER the plane is seen coming in, the shot cuts AWAY (!) to a close-up of the burning north tower, THEN the shot cuts BACK to the explosion from the south tower. Thus, there is no continuous live shot of the second plane coming in and then a fireball erupting.

It is disjointed footage during a particularly critical moment.

This means they didn't
even have to get the timing perfect, they could have added the plane image in live, using "blue-screen technology", right as they saw the explosion, and delayed the explosion clip for one or two extra seconds.

The way it is done is very clever, I must say. You would never suspect it unless you were looking for this kind of fakery.

Further, the timing of this video footage is especially curious in light of this mistimed footage that was found. The story of this footage is discussed in this post.


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