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Friday, March 24, 2006

Buffer Post

Because I need to put something between an incredibly sad story and the funniest thing I have ever seen...

Okay, now this is kind of disturbing. Yesterday Raw Story had a top headline about Charlie Sheen and 9/11, and now the story is wiped completely off the front page. Most odd, they don't even have it in their "recent stories" section. (Admittedly, Rawstory is not completely suppressing alternaitve 9/11 stories, as they still display an ad from 911-Revisited.)

Here is the story from yesterday still in their archives, found via a link from

That is on top of this story on Google censoring the Sheen story, which seems to have been reversed now.

But this is very encouraging:
No Longer The Minority: 82% Plus Support Charlie Sheen
Over four-fifths back his public stance on 9/11

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | March 24 2006

Despite the best efforts of the now whimpering attack poodles of the mainstream media, an online CNN poll shows that over four-fifths, or 82 per cent, agree with actor Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks.

Every establishment media mouthpiece aside from CNN tried to hang Sheen on his own words but it simply didn't work because those same questions are firing the synapses in the heads of millions upon millions of other taxpaying American citizens.

We are now in the majority and the cynics are beginning to feel the breeze of fear as they desperately cling to ignorant dogmas spoon fed to them by an empire in descent, while in the back of their mind and in their soul knowing that they have sided with the wrong team and the wrong side of history.

As of Friday morning you can still vote in the poll and I encourage you to do so by clicking here. A.J. Hammer and CNN Showbiz Tonight need to be given their due as the only mainstream television news show to give balanced coverage of serious 9/11 questions.

This is a watershed moment in the struggle to create a powerful, educated and active contingent of individuals with no hierarchical structure but with a unified cause.

UPDATE: 3/24 Friday 10PM EST, Rawstory has the Sheen story back again (in the "blogs/media" story section).


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