Humint Events Online: CNN: Second and Third Views of the South Tower Hit

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CNN: Second and Third Views of the South Tower Hit

The second shot of the south tower hit on CNN was at 9:09am.

This second view is VERY suspicious, as they show a view of the towers from the east, and there are fireballs coming out both the north and south sides of the South tower, and the host is talking about 'here we see the plane go right through'-- BUT WE CAN'T SEE ANY PLANE AS THE IMPACT REGION IS CUT OFF BY THE OVERSIZED CNN "BREAKING NEWS" BAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN!!!

At 9:10am is the third view of the second hit, but only the second view of the plane.

This video is very similar the second footage of the plane shown by CNN. The CNN footage was from further out and did not have verygood resolution of the plane.

Interestingly, at this same time, CNN had a reporter on the ground telling the studio host that people were saying the south tower was hit by missiles, and the host in the studio was overriding him, saying, we saw a plane on the video...


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