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Monday, March 20, 2006

An Extremely Good Fake?

Although at first glance, the videos HERE (scroll down) appear to be high quality videos of the second strike taken by an apparent amateur, there are a few troubling things about these videos:

1) the video was taken from an extreme distance, probably 8-10 miles away, yet the guy has amazing close-ups of the plane and the explosions. It is a bit hard to believe.

2) the plane all of a sudden appears next to the south tower-- there is no footage of the plane flying from further out. Why not? In the longer video (on the lower right), you can see footage of the first burning tower, so he is set-up and taking video before the second plane appears. Yet he clips out the video of the plane flying in?

3) in the longer video (on the lower right), right when the second tower is hit, you can hear a woman in the background talking about a suicide bomber doing this. Who the heck is thinking about suicide bombers right as the second tower is struck? That is very fishy to me.

4) interestingly, the second plane even shows the flash as it strikes the tower, and overall the sequence is incredibly similalr to the famous ghostplane footage I have analyzed extensively here. I just find it hard to believe he got this footage from such a distance, particularly as a putative amateur.


Blogger megagiannis said...

The distance is about 6 miles, (according to Google Earth), recorded using a Sony PC1.
After I got a call from a friend of mine about the first plane, I started filming from inside my apartment.
To get a bit better view I went to the roof of the building, and the moment I pointed the camera to the WTC and started recording, without even realizing it I captured the second plane hitting the tower. Actually if you see the original tape you will notice that I move the camera so I can confirm with my own eyes the explosion that I saw through the viewfinder.
The rest is just very basic digital zoom (very amateurish I admit).
The woman’s voice was some tenant in the same building.

As far as your argument about the whole thing being an “inside job”. Personally I find it, at best, highly unlikely.

Manos Megagiannis

10:13 AM  

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