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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Physics Question

Has anyone ever heard of any set of materials where at a slow speed, material A will tear up material B, while at a higher speed material A will be torn up by material B?

In other words, at low speeds, say 50 mph, surely large steel columns would rip apart lightly constructed aluminum wings.

Is it possible that at high speeds, say 500 mph, that aluminum wings would rip apart the steel columns? This would seem to defy physics to me. I would imagine that at high speeds, the steel columns would simply rip apart the aluminum wings FASTER.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the alleged velocity, the mass of aluminum and fuel will push through the steel of the outer columns. The force of even 500 lbs at that velocity is simply tremendous compared to the tons of resistance in the joint and steel column. KE = 1/2 m X velocity squared is the formula. Convert mph to feet per second before multiplying times lbs of mass.
The impact spot to analyze is where the plane strike the horizontal floor where the mass is much greater.
There should be a gouge there, which I can't find. And the part of the plane that struck there should never have entered the building.
The fluid part of the airplane mass will follow the line of least resistance.
The lighter and heaver parts of the plane itself will decelerate at different speeds.
The engine and landing gears should have exited the building.
Some portion of the tail should have been visible in the vicinity of where the girl is standing.

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