Humint Events Online: More Evidence That the CNN "Best Angle" Footage Is Faked

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Evidence That the CNN "Best Angle" Footage Is Faked

The plane's wing appears in FRONT of a foreground building when the wing should be behind the building (see frame 2). Oddly, in frame 3, the wing goes behind the building. WHOOPS.

Frames captured by Webfairy.

This picture shows the buildings in the foreground of the video. The foreground buildings are just to the southeast of the WTC (in the video they are just to the left of the WTC because of the angle of the shot):

Maps and satellite imagery show these foreground buildings are about half a mile from where the WTC was, and to the southeqast of the WTC, when in all videos the plane comes from a southwest-ish direction--so clearly the buildings should have been in front of the plane in the video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should seek medical attention.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Alicia S said...

Give it up Hundreds of people saw it happen In Person!!! Not to mention there were other videos taken by cell phone & amateur cameras!!! Not to mention the unaccounted flights that weren't found anywhere else & tapes from pilots & cell phone recordings of the hijackings!!!!

2:14 PM  

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