Humint Events Online: Mechanical Engineer Disputes That a Boeing 757 Hit the Pentagon

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mechanical Engineer Disputes That a Boeing 757 Hit the Pentagon


Anonymous pinch said...

lol....this guy is funny :P

I've often wondered how it is that supposedly "educated individuals" can take whatever experience they have in the pursuit of academic excellence and literally toss it out the window by allowing to be published this sort of embarrassing garbage.

I guess all I can do is sit back and laugh. Not only at him, but at those, as well, who raise him up and worship his “intelligence” on the exalted alter of ignorance.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous James Ha said...

pinch -
raise him up and worship his “intelligence” on the exalted alter of ignorance.

what the devil are you talking about pinch? are you referring to the fact that photos reveal that there was no 757 at the pentagon? or are you referring to the fact that mathematics prove that there was no 757 at the pentagon? you come to this blog to show your obvious disdain, but the mere fact that you even come here at all is quite revealing in itself!

9:09 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

James-- don't mind ole Pinchy. It's his job as Pentagon shill to come here.

AND ONCE AGAIN, Pinch refuses to make any substantive criticism but merely resorts to meaningless derision.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

poor lil' pinchy...he's probably the lowest paid gov't shill in his whole department! lol

all the other shills probably make fun of know, like the resident office dufus. hehe

5:54 PM  
Anonymous pinch said...


If you want to apply credence to that abortion of a website called and his “Expert Photo Analysis!!!” by all means go right ahead.

Even if you discount the absolute buffonery of that clown, just be prepared to support his claims that the Apollo moon landings were faked, since that is another one of his "expert" opinions.

As far as what Ol' Spooked mentioned, meaningless derision is about the only thing of substance all that can be found here.

And CURSES on that evil Kevin Fenton, having stolen my thunder with his DU post about what I am about to point out here.

I laugh at that original piece of crap because, for starters, anytime anyone gets into that old "9 feet of reinforced concrete!!!!!" crap, the automatic bullshit alarm goes off. The author could say "night is dark and day is light" after that and I wouldn't believe him.

Why? Because the outer 3 rings of the Pentagon (C, D, and E) are basically one joined area, not separated by any sort of "reinforced concrete" walls. When the airplane hit, it did NOT have additional "reinforced concrete" walls to punch thru.

Further, the hole into the A-E drive was made through a wall that was little more than a reinforced brick construction - again, it was not a "reinforced concrete" wall. The wreckage of the aircraft, decelerating from the impact speed of 450+ knots, had nothing but sheetrock walls, cubicle arrangements, the occasional steel door assembly to a SCIF and the concrete/steel support columns to impede its path.

So, in a nutshell, whenever someone trots out that old “9 feet of REINFORCED CONCRETE, for GAWD’S SAKE!” trollop, (read this carefully)….they do NOT know what they are talking about and as such can be discounted out of hand if they so choose to champion such ignorance.

The same goes for those fools who claim there were missile defense batteries at the Pentagon, and by not firing is evidence of complicity in this whole thing.

I work in the Pentagon and pass through those areas daily. For most of 2000 I was assigned to the Navy reserve unit of the Navy Command Center. The active-duty side of that unit lost 30-some odd members in the crash. That sort of experience means absolutely nothing to the denizens of Spook's place here, though, because it goes against their little Bush Derangement Syndrome conspiracy theory. They would rather label me a "Pentagon shill" than listen to someone who works in the damn building.

And I'll say again....I keep coming here because this is the best entertainmnet I can find on the Internet!

7:25 PM  
Anonymous James Ha said...

ha ha pinch - who cares if the photo guy is a buffoon? and who cares what he thinx of the moon landing? when he shows that the official pentagon photos have been obviously staged and doctored, then it certainly raises a red flag in my mind - and maybe 30 some odd of your pals did die there but that doesn't mean that a 757 was the instrument of their demise just because your pentagon masters said that it was -
and the ASCE's pentagon building performance report is yet more disinfo. I'm glad that you're so entertained! - tell us, what kind of obvious false flag op do your masters have up their sleeves next for america?

6:12 PM  

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